Rustic Luxury that Adorns Eclectic Modern Design Elements in this Residence | Interiors By Ranjani

The gateway into this modern design home, the foyer area builds interest and expectations for the rest of the home to live up to. The highlight of this foyer is the black buddha statue that sits with folded legs and hands welcoming one into the home. The gold texture backdrop accentuated with profile lights continued to the ceiling and the planetary hanging light create an aura as that of outer space. The profile lights bounce off the black glossy Buddha statue giving it an ethereal appearance.

Rustic Luxury that Adorns Eclectic Modern Design Elements in this Residence |  Interiors By Ranjani

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Converting a large space into a living room that was spacious yet did not feel empty was a daunting task. It is easy to create multiple spaces catering to different functionalities but, creating a centre point of activity without making the space feel empty or deserted is a hard ask. To go ahead with curved seating in cohesion with a circular cove was an ingenious idea. There is an instant spike in style and oomph, and it serves all the requirements of functionality and aesthetic. While the area is spacious, it also serves the purpose of large number of seating.

The original layout of this area consisted of a smaller living room and family area. However, understanding the social requirements of the clients, we decided to combine the spaces into one. The uneven walls were cleverly utilized in creating storage spaces camouflaged with push open shutters and giving the space an even layout.

The customized 3D wave board panel TV Unit is the icing on the cake. Very different from the regular residential TV Units, this design is one the eye will stay on. The throw of light on the curves enhances the impact and gives it a theatrical effect. An undercurrent of style was injected with the addition of blue in the color palette to enhance magnetism in this luxurious, modern design ambience.

This clean modern kitchen is an example of luxurious minimalism. With white glass shutters complementing the smart blue quartz counter, this kitchen has an English charm to it accented with golden handles that are super classy. The blue island is the hotspot of this kitchen, literally. To ensure that the Vaastu was in place, the island was doubled as a breakfast counter with the hob. The hanging lights above the breakfast counter add intrigue to a classic design.

This striking dining room is a show of magnetism and style. Oozing glam from every inch, this space has layers of minimalism, maximalism, of modernism and of traditionalism blended together. The white marble dining table with golden legs completed with bespoke chairs is classy and elegant. The eccentric art piece is the focus point of this room and brings together the colour scheme of the entire area.

Standing above a polished cabinet decked with artefacts, this art piece is further enhanced with the throw of the focus light. Some practical storage requirements are fulfilled with the frost glass crockery units that double as a partition adding some demarcation in the dining area.

Master Bedroom

The palette was restricted to beige and wooden paired with teal to add burst of energy into a lavish room. The hero of this room is the combination of colored glass and wooden panel. The vertical lines created by the glass and wooden panel add movement making the ceiling appear higher and giving the space a larger than life feel. The custom-made bed is modern, sleek, and smartly designed with a minimal headboard to complement the back wall while the curtains stand-out and add interest to a wall lacking texture.

The glass panels reflecting the ceilings lights as a background to the gold-chic hanging lights golden accents adds glam into the room and kicks it up a notch.

The client’s requirement for loads of storage was fulfilled by adding an extra wardrobe in the vanity area. To make the area appear bigger as compensation for the space lost in adding wardrobes, mirror shutters were added. These mirror shutters also reflect the colors and textures from the bedside area making the modern design coherent.

Son’s Bedroom

Creating this theme for a teenage boy demanded a skewed thought process and out-of-the-box thinking. Pairing cement texture that is strong in its personality yet subtle in its appearance with sycamore burl horizontal veneer resulted in a vibe like that of a super-cool bachelor pad. Continuing the texture to the ceiling as well completes the look and enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

The black metal rods used for the fabricated study unit, metal profiles for the wardrobes complement the colors and textures in the room and exuberate strength and structure, appreciating the love for fitness in the client. 

The balcony was designed as a twist on the raw and rustic theme of the bedroom. Natural materials were used but to create a cozier environment that was fresh and connects with the environment outside yet not completely detached with the inside.

Daughter’s Bedroom

To avoid this room from turning into a customary pink and purple design, distinctiveness was added by incorporating textures mainly with a 3D board on the wall. The pop of purple set against a floral wallpaper is a unique combination and refreshing to the eye. The curtains stand out exclusively but also blend in harmoniously with the theme of the room. The 3D panel and all furniture in the room was given a PU paint finish to give the room an elegant and rich feel.

This room being the corner space in the house with multiple windows and a curved wall has ample amount of natural light. We accentuated the curve on the corner wall by adding a wallpaper and creating a nook with a petite sofa. The vibe of this corner was further amplified by adding an extravagant hanging light, circular carpet and a tall plant complementing the wallpaper.

We often ignore the ambiance of bathrooms in our homes, yet these are spaces that cannot be avoided. So instead of leaving it as a regular bathroom, we replaced the boring tiles with decorative wall panels accentuated with an elliptical mirror and hanging lights to add character and make the entire room including the bathroom a cohesive space.

Study Room

We decided to go with a tropical theme for this room to create a Zen vibe like that of serene nature. What makes this space inviting is the beautifully bold patterned wallpaper with palm trees, broad leaves and exotic flora and fauna that was customized as per the room size and the color palette inspired from the lush foliage of the tropics. The gallery wall highlighted with focus lights uplifts the ambiance of the room and creates an atmosphere that is soothing to the eye as well as stimulating. The sofa-cum-bed was a smart furniture choice for this room, it adds comfort and coziness in the space and also serves any occasional guests of the home.

A treat to the eyes and a hug to the soul, the balcony drips freshness from every inch. Raw yet aesthetic, this space is comforting while being functional. Inspiration for this area comes from the lush greenery surrounding the apartments. The carpet enhances the ambiance and connects with the atmosphere of the outside. Modern design giving it a cosy, spacious vibe coupled with sturdiness for exterior environment, all furniture was custom-made, and the swing in particular was designed to suit the needs of the space and enhance character.

Fact File

Designed by:  Interiors By Ranjani

Project Type : Residential Interior Design

Project Name : The Modern Fusion Home

Location : Bangalore

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 5 Months

Project Size: 2710 Sq.ft   

Project Cost Appx : 45 Lacs

Principal Designer: Ranjani Sigamani

Consultants for the Project

Contractors: Trilok Swamy

Photograph Courtesy : NayanSoni

Products & Materials: Veneer \ GLO board: Timex | Glass: Saint Gobain | Wallcovering / Cladding: Magvee panel | Lighting: Dali’s Lighting | Paint: Asian Paint | Artefacts: Mimi homes, Curiocasa, Purple Turtles | Wallpaper: furnistores | Hardware: Hafele

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