Exemplary Spatial Experience Redefining The Paradigms of Contemporary Design | Architect K Atelier

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Located in the serene and peaceful city of lakes, Bhopal, commanding expansive views of sunset sky hues, lies ‘Utsav’ , a charming contemporary design residence by Kulveer Singh of Architect K Atelier. Utsav is a striking embodiment of a mixed bag of distinctive identities that coalesce to form a unique space. It is flamboyant, yet quiet and elegant. The project identifies most with the idea of juxtaposition, and therefore, the home is a dynamic blend of Indian sensibilities and muted color palette.

Exemplary Spatial Experience Redefining The Paradigms of Contemporary Design | Architect K Atelier

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The semi luxury villa taps into an exemplary spatial experience. One that breathes life into the vision of a ‘perfect home’ for the family of doctors while redefining the paradigms of contemporary design with a rooted identity. Specifically carved out spaces with flora and the natural wind flow welcomes the user with a soothing mind, it allows one to instinctively experience the exhilaration of proximity to nature.

While spaces like the lounge feature bold bursts of print and lighting accessorization with honeydew green and beige upholstery.The living area looks into the quaint alfresco sit-out rendered with patio furniture. The use of fluted glass as a transitioning partition unifies the visual narrative and areas like the deck exist as pockets of visual calmness.

The large living room is adorned by an arabesque carpet complimenting the pastel shades of applique upholstery. A prepossessing lotus canvas painting hand painted by local artisans adorns the front wall. The centerpiece is a banding textured wooden table , accentuated by a contemporary chandelier. The space altogether is a handcrafted weave of small elements that are in a symbiotic relationship.

Textured ceiling panels remind us of ethnic patterns, use of fluted glass doors and partitions add a sense of lightness to the space. The spaces are divided and private yet connected because of the choice of materials. The rich colors and decadent materials lend a luxurious feel to the space.

Approaching the Dining area the color palette traverses in a very subtle manner, one can witness the voids created to have a sense of continuity to the basement and towards the upper floors. The triple height vestibule is adorned by a handcrafted feature wall which is an inlay of carving and  amusing civil work. Light filters and brightens up the lift lobby and staircase area which displays another set of hand painted artworks by local artisans, the painting brightens up the space and adds a pop of color.

The master bedroom opens up to a terrace adorned by a jaali pattern wall, the play on the sensual and perceptual abilities of the inhabitants is heightened and ever changing as one traverses through the bedroom. Ensuring optimal natural lighting and air circulation throughout the day, it’s no secret that open outdoor spaces are enjoyed by everyone.

The bedroom evinces a deliberate visual softness that is made apparent through the muted choice of colors. A striking statement wall ties together the material palette of the room. The geometrically playful ceiling adds character to the space.

The residence employs a series of mechanisms that minimize resource consumption and reduce the building’s environmental impact, while enhancing the residents’ thermal comfort. Materials like bricks were  reused after dismantling parts of the residence, helping in reducing the construction impact on the environment.

The expansive terrace opens onto a charming deck embellished by a tensile roof and Jacuzzi pool. An oasis of calmness, bedecked by custom pieces of wall art with floral patterns, hand-painted on site by local artists.  The sweeping terrace welcomes the element of greens in a perfect relaxing space for the residents. Turning an apartment into a family home requires a delicate understanding of spaces and its people. Striking the right balance between understated and luxury is a skill that this project reflects.

The home glimmers with contemporary charm, each space is personalized according to the desire of its users. The walk-in closet in the master bedroom opens up to the washroom which displays the architect’s focus on minute details. Wall niche spruces up the space with a large decadent mirror. While entering the washroom one is reminded of the Scandinavian material palette.

Fact File

Designed by  : Architect K Atelier

Project Type : Residence Architecture & Design

Project Name : Utsav

Location : Bhopal, Madhya pradesh

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 8 Months

Plot Area : 2400 Sq.ft

Built up : 7800 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 3.5 Crore

Principal Architect: Kulveer Singh

Team Design Credits: Pihu Sujata Jain, Surya Narayanam

Photograph Courtesy : studio_newfolder

Firm’s Website Link: Architect K Atelier

Firm’s Instagram Link : Architect K Atelier

Firm’s Facebook Link : Architect K Atelier

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