Modern Minimal Residence with Elements of Muted Luxury Design | Rawat Design Studio

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The clients were a family of 5 with 2 couples and one bachelor son. As family shares its root from Rajasthan, they certainly carry some culture on day-to-day basis. One of the main requirements was to create a mandir area.  As it’s a family of different age group It was important to respect everyone’s personality in their individual rooms yet all spaces should merge to be called a single luxury design home.

Modern Minimal Residence with Elements of Muted Luxury Design | Rawat Design Studio

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The entrance was conceived to be a warm place to a have sense of “arrival at home” feeling, Walnut Veneer polished in matt finish helped to create the warmth, Grey band throughout breaks the monotony of it.

With Living and Dining area the challenge was to make it look spacious along with having sufficient furniture around to cater to the daily needs of the owners. The L- sofa was custom made with option of detaching the Lounger and making it a formal seating in the event of owners hosting. White and shades of grey kept the space fresh and bright.

TV back wall was done in a subtle grey fluted wall paneling as it occupies the only dead wall of the living room.

The wood-metal round centre table and wooden dining with white glass top are selected from our studios furniture design catalogue. The polish of the wood were matched with the surrounding.

Despite being in the Kitchen, mandir was made a separate unit by adding PU finished jaili shutters. Mandir was finished using single colour brass sheet internally.

Son’s room

Despite being smallest of all the rooms. The bachelor sons bedroom was supposed to be his den where he can practice his music – Get friends over- study -eat- sleep- repeat. The Murphy bed and foldable study table made the tight space into a multipurpose den. Peacock blue colour and chevron pattern at places compliments the users personality.

Couple’s Bedroom

Royal blue cushioned head board runs throughout the length of the room making it look wide. A comfortable window seating made in granite makes for a good “coffee talk corner”.

Parent’s room

The combination of wood and brass accents makes the Parents Bedroom a mature place. The handles for the wardrobes and artwork behind the Bed were custom design and built in brass. A side table was carved out from the bulky wardrobe next to the bed to make it sleeker.

Fact File

Designed by: Rawat Design Studio

Project Type : Apartment Interior Design

Project Name : Apartment 704

Location : Nashik, Maharashtra

Year Built :  2021

Duration of project : 5 Months

Project Size: 1080 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 23 Lac

Principal Architects : Sumeet Rawat, Geetika Bajpai

Team Design Credits : Saurabh Sakhare

Photograph Courtesy : Yash Kataria

Products & Materials: Finishes: Marino Laminate , Veneer, Duco | Wallcovering / Cladding: Muraspec wallpaper, MDF Wall Panelling | Lighting: Hybec, Changi | Doors and Partitions: Century | Sanitary ware: Cera | Furniture: Sahaj by Rawat design studio, Urban Ladder | Kitchen: Ebco, Hettich | Paint: Asian Paints | Hardware: Hettich, Ebco

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