Play Of Material And Textures Leads To A Modern And Luxurious Residence Designed By HS Desiigns

Play Of Material And Textures Leads To A Modern And Luxurious Residence Designed by HS Desiigns

The house being in Mumbai, demanded a bold and contemporary thinking and the client also wanted the same but with clean lines and a hint of sophistication.With interesting play on material and textures, a modern and luxurious feel for achieved for this residence which stays true to persona of the occupants.

The client’s brief was straightforward and crisp. They wanted a home that would have a clear narrative in terms of function and decor.The design dint necessarily need to be chest thumping in its proclamation of identity but must bear the mark of their quiet, confident lifestyle.Keeping their requirement and lifestyle in check, the vocabulary for the house was derived.

An aura of class and modern elegance permeates every nook of this beautiful and functional apartment.
The living room opening to terrace and the bar counter create a changing interior dynamic in a highly sculptural manner.

The idea of using copper mirror, especially in the living area was purposely done to break the rectangular feel of that space. Moreover since the living room has a huge balcony, there was an ample light flow into the space. Hence mirror cladding was done to brighten up the space by reflecting natural light and make the room look larger than its normal size.

Black leather sofas and wall wood panelling on the other hand exude a minimal elegance of mid-century design.
With regards to the furniture, the styling was kept modern and in tune with the overall appeal of the space.
Decorative lighting in terms of chandeliers, hanging lights and table lamps were customised to add warmth to the space and cover volumes.

The highlight of the gold and white dining section is the beautiful accent colour book matched marble cladded as the backdrop of the dining area; with custom made, suspended ceiling lights which invariable grab attention.
To create a visual linkage from the living area to the bedrooms, veneer panelling with self on self handles was done creating a sense of connection. Thus detailing also helped in camouflaging multiple bedroom doors , thereby reducing the number of elements seen in the passage and only the painting on the corridor wall is highlighted giving it a sense of depth.

In terms of colour scheme, the walls are washed in neutral hues which cast a spell bounding impression and extend a warm welcome.Neutral hues like white, beige and grey are used in ample measures, and are balanced with warm and earthy tones of wood along with dramatic art pieces which hones the overall experience.

The entire flooring of this house is adorned by one marble except the terrace which uses anti-skid exterior tiles laid with an interesting grout pattern.The edge of the terrace has laser cut in stainless steel made with perforation so that the water seeps in through it and hence the maintenance becomes easier.The terrace adjoining the living area brings in generous amount of light that floods the entire space. A jhoola placed here creates an extension of the indoors to the outside and vice versa.

The clients required a bar unit but did not want it to be visible in the living area. So we interpreted it minimally on the terrace area which otherwise forms a sculptural wall elements when not in use.

Every bedroom features panels of fabric which adorn the rooms in varied ways and is designed for maximum utilization.The master bedroom is done up in tones of grey to break the monotony of beige colour.
The colour infusion is essentially done through cushions, artefacts and paintings thereby creating some form of vibrancy in a neutral palette.

Since this was a residential apartment, we didn’t have much height to play with, hence the majority ceiling in all the bedrooms are kept subtle to neutralise the detailing along the walls.The space allows alludes to epic murals featured on bed back wall. The unique art collection of the client was indeed a proverbial icing on the cake.

The daughter’s room is youthful and vibrant. Though consistency has been maintained throughout the house in terms of colour scheme, a dash of pink in this room breaks the monotony and adds vibrancy to the decor.
The use of white colour in this room additionally exudes an element of space while the clutter free decor makes the style statement.

The artefacts and frames were chosen keeping in mind the essence of the space and to create drama by telling a story in an otherwise neutral environment. For instance: a winged angel is fixed on the bed back wall which livens up the ambience as one enters into the daughter’s room.Every minute detail was carefully worked upon so as to eliminate any extraneous elements.

With a keen eye for pattern and composition and after careful assessment of needs and lifestyle of client and his family, who are widely travelled, we proposed a design which effectively translates their globe-trotting experience and taste into subtle yet classy interiors.The master bathroom is hence done in a tasteful combination of grey and white coloured diesel tiles along with the striking bold red colour.

The powder room makes a bold and welcoming statement with a decor that is a combination of white and gold and the striking sculptural human element along with the decorative mirror that features the wall.The standalone built –in basin was made in the same tile as in the kitchen with a basic storage area incorporated within the basin at the bottom.Furnished with intricate detailing, eclectic elements and aesthetics, this plush abode has been designed as a space that welcomes and calms one’s senses, while being captivating at the same time.


Designers: HS Desiigns 

Principal Architect : MR. Hitesh Shahanand

Location : Kandivali

Photoghrapher:Photographix  Sebasian +Ira 



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