How To Repair The Tracks On Your Garage Door

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The garage door is a truly miraculous thing. It allows you quick and easy access into the home and protects the home from intruders. The only problem with the garage door system is that it is mechanical. This means that it will eventually break down. And, when it does, it usually does at the worst possible time. There are a number of things that could go wrong with the garage door system at any given time, but one of the most common problems is the track. The main function of the track of the garage door system is to keep the garage door properly aligned.

What Happens When The Door Is Off Track?


Any professional that repairs garage doors in New Jersey will tell you that a poorly aligned track can cause your garage door to bind. This is an extremely serious problem because it could actually result in permanent damage to the door or motor. That being said, the track doesn’t just have to be misaligned to cause a problem. Even a loose track could cause a problem, as it could cause the door to fall. This not only means that the door could be damaged, but it could potentially fall on someone. The only good thing about the situation is that rectifying it is easier than you might imagine.

Tighten The Bolts


Garage door tracks are held in place by brackets. These lower parts of the brackets are attached to the doorframe with screws. The overhead part of the tracks will be secured to the ceiling in some manner. This is usually done by jay-channel constructed of steel. These tracks help guide the door from the starting location to the closing location. You can think of these tracks like the rails of a roller coaster. Just like the rails of a roller coaster these tracks will be up against constant friction and vibration from the motor.


This can cause the screws to back out and loosen over time. Luckily, fixing loosened bolts is extremely simple. All you have to do is get the right sized wrench and tighten down the bolts until they are snug in place. Be careful not to over tighten, because to do not have to strip the bolt or the cavity that it is secured in.

Checking Dents, Crimps, And Flat Spots


When garage door tracks get loose they can spread apart. Tracks need to be exactly parallel from each other at all times in equal distance. When they spread too far out from each other it can cause the rollers to pop out of the track. When this happens the track will become deformed with dents, crimps, or flat spots. Unfortunately, any of these deformities will make the door malfunction. Luckily, they can be easily corrected. All you have to do it take a rubber mallet or a hammer with a piece of wood and beat them back into their normal shape. However, if the tracks are too badly damaged you might not have any choice but to replace them.

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