Parisian Influence Appartment Interiors | The Design House Company

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Parisian Influence Appartment Interiors | The Design House Company

The appartment is a small 3 bhk situated in the central suburbs of Mumbai.This new home is an example of chic contrast in minimal ornate and edgy styling with Parisian influence interiors of appartment. The designers do not adhere to any one particular style, and shift effortlessly from unusual material combinations to conventional details.


Architectural firm: The Design House Company

Principal Architect: Mansi Pandey

Location: Mumbai

Type: Apartment interiors

Project name: wadala apartment

The atmosphere of the apartment is casual, relaxing and also elegant. A neutral tone dominates the overall palette of the house with shades of pastel used for the backdrop such as powder blue for the guest bedroom and pistachio green in the master bedroom.

In the living areas especially, the walls have been kept white to maximise the amount of light in the space. A black and white rug has been added to the centre of the living room offsetting the grey. While black, white and greys may be the dominant colors of the living room, it’s the attention to detail in furniture pieces that makes this space exquisite. Futons and ottomans with splayed legs and mid-backs boast of carefully selected fabrics. An element of contrast, the mustard color fabric of the dining chairs gives much-needed relief from the monochrome. An elegant chandelier of brass piping and glass globules above the dining table creates an element of wonder and glamour. An open bookshelf, essentially of metal piping and asymmetrical horizontal slats This feature stands out from the lighting scheme of the room which essentially has basic black-bodied downlighters. A system of venetian blinds and black louvers forms a partition and visual barrier where required, and this language is carried throughout the house.

Each room in the house has been suited with its individual identity, with clean lines and sublime functionality being the commonality. The children’s room has a peach coloured wallpaper with an animal print perfectly suited for a toddler. Clean lines of the furniture with storage and compactness being the main criteria have been a successful design challenge for the designers. A cozy 4 poster bed, shaped like an extended crib makes for a delectable corner of the children’s room.

Keeping in mind the needs of a growing child, ample study space, complete with a desk and storage unit has been provided. Here too, the maximum utility of space is seen through. The idea of compact utility and clean edges is carried to the other bedroom, where a larger study table is integrated into a wardrobe unit. White and natural wood textures are combined to provide a neat and effective look.

In this bedroom, the headboard wall of the bed is accentuated with a moulding frame, in a pastel pistachio green tone.Complete with a moveable side-table tripod, the overall look of this sleeping space is sophisticated yet relaxed. The slightly old-world charm,  with a cushioned  headboard, and reading light lamps on either side creates a relaxed, classic feel. This wall also acts as a picture wall, for the family to display their favourite memories! A keen sense of balance is seen in the spaces, with optimum use of materials and colors, without going overboard with surface embellishments.

The guest bedroom has a slightly more contemporary look, but similar commitment to clean edges and basic utility. A clever niche shelf is created in the storage space, which begins from the ceiling, and stops at headboard-level, giving a sense of relief to the overall heaviness of a storage unit. This cut-out is well-lit with strip lighting, and can be used for small keepsakes. The headboard of the bed itself is a cushioned backing in checked fabric, somewhat reminiscent of the checked fabric used in the living room.Hanging pendant lights in the corner complete the look of this room, and a plant only accentuates the relaxed feel.

This house , designed by The Design House Company, is a great example of effective functionality with elegance. Especially in a city such as Mumbai, apartments such as these make one want to forget the hustle-bustle of the world outside, and relax in a place one can call their own!

The Design House Company

Our aim is to visualize innovative ideas and create beautiful spaces.

Mansi Pandey established her Interior Design practice in 2010 later known as The Design House.Our project profile outlines work in the field of interior design and architecture, which mainly covers the domains of residential and boutique commercial spaces.We have worked on various projects in and outside the city which include several residential apartments in high rises to bungalows in the hills.We understand that all projects come with their own set of challenges and time and effort goes into just about everything that we are creating for the first time which is where lies joy of new experiences.


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