Nirant- A bungalow design | Usine Studio

Nirant- A bungalow design |Usine Studio

 A bungalow design that becomes whole with put together concepts 

A brass inlaid wooden tablet reads the name of this abode as it guards the porch.

58, Nirant Bungalow design could have been a typical bungalow that looked exactly like its neighbors. And even when the Architecture is unchanged, what the Usine team has done for this house is apparent right from that entrance porch.

The clients had floating pieces of ideas for what they needed in each of the spaces individually and thus, agreed against the notion of one overarching concept for the entire house. This allowed Usine to knit tiny concepts together to build the entire narrative of this project. Their signature sleek, unencumbered language remains intact throughout though.

Fact File

Project: 58, Nirant Bungalow

Architectural Firm: Usine Studio

Principal Designers: Yatin Kavaiya & Jiten Tosar

Photographs: Photographix

Text: Vaishnavi Sharma

A teakwood door stands solemnly on the edge of the porch, banked by a contemporary white mural of an elephant herd in stone. The entrance foyer is greeted by another white backlit stone mural that sits in a brass frame. This delicate piece is fronted by a heavyset teak cabinet with more highlights of inlaid brass. This white and brass teamed with the rich wooden tones is perhaps the only continual feature that runs through the house.

The living room is rendered with a muted palette that runs through the walls as well as the furniture. A slight wash of light animates the textured gold-leaf mural that is set upon the leather finish Italian marble feature wall. The armchairs have a floral pattern running over them and that is the sole graphic feature of this space. On the opposite wall, three handcrafted ceramic plates by Vinod Daroze, hang like aged chakras over the patterned mantle in cream. The deep brown polished teak against the beige gives an intense classic feel to this living room.

The living room opens into the dining space where the colors are carried forward but not the mood; it breaks into a less solemn gathering place that is marked with a playful triangulated mural in white, beige and hints of orange. The dining table is a polished white stone top on the same deep brown teak legs. The chairs are regal in presence but sport a playful profile and an even more playful dragonfly pattern in upholstery. A contemporary chandelier that seems to be put together with plumbing pipes and lanterns, fixes the feel of this semi-formal dining for good. The powder toilet has a patterned band printed on cork sheet running along the perimeter of the full-length mirror. The yellow sandstone basin pedestal is complemented well by the brown of the cork sheet. The adjoining kitchen is a clean, contemporary modular ensemble in steel gray, with state-of-the-art fixtures and finishing.

The informal living space is a double height royal expression. A narrow wall between this space and the dining space is adorned with a set of four boldly colored artworks of Hindu deities . On a cabinet set against this wall, stands a circular candelabra sculpture. Here gray sofas plumped up with purple cushions, are seated majestically below a variety of glass and brass chandeliers, suspended at different heights. This is set in front of a bay of double height curtain walls with clear views of the garden outside.

The ground floor bedroom has an urbane feel owing to the light gray upholstery and textured feature wall. A set of artworks that resemble the underbellies of mushrooms float like bubbles over this wall, endowing the space with an effervescent sophistication. The other bedroom on this floor has a backlit feature of Italian marble with gold-leaf work done on it. The rest of the details follow in the gold, beige, wooden scheme.

The first floor has two bedrooms, one of which belongs to the client’s two young sons. Therefore the features in this room have been designed to be quirky and sporty. The main wall has a wood textured wallpaper upon which various signage frames are hung on. The bed is an interesting gray partition parapet running through it, in order to “divide the territory” for both the boys, while still keeping them in the shared space of a bedroom. Their seating furniture is in a funky mustard shade, with lots of quote-covered cushions. The other first-floor bedroom was meant for the guests and has gold highlighted fabric clad panels in dark brown to give it a warm timeless feel abutting a bedpost in brass and wood veneer.

Both these bedrooms are connected by a breathing space that overlooks the informal living space and the surrounding lawns through the curtain walls. This small area is minimally articulated with an exquisite Kashmiri carpet against the wall and only a couple of beige upholstered armchairs in polished brass structure, which sit perfectly with the brass and glass chandeliers now at almost eye-level of the viewer.

The stitched up narrative of Nirant, meaning that which is endless, finally culminates with the space that is closest to the greens: the gazebo, where the light gray slowly recedes against the surge of beige in the flooring. And though we were told that there isn’t any overarching idea imposed on all the spaces, even here one can see the unforced knitting of threads that bind the house together: the gold and the beige furniture set languidly below the rich brown pergola.

Usine Studio

usine is an emerging design studio, based in vadodara; founded by yatin kavaiya and jiten tosar, they started their own studio in 2010 to tap into the growing market. whilst the firms partiality to clean lines, minimalistic palette, artistic approach and giving meticulous attention to details, also fuses luxe to organic accents. which marks them as one of the leading and most sought after architectural and interior design firm in the city.
as a design studio, we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, opting instead for quality and timelessness.

mission:-our approach to design is purely based on emotions. our design style is a fusion of traditional and contemporary architecture. clean lines and simple forms are our forte.


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