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Titan Integrity Campus | Mindspace

Titan Intergrity Campus Corporate office building is located on a 6.5 acre site which has a lake on the eastern side and road towards north.
The design has a very special connect with the site and the adjoining lake. The idea is of exploiting every view possible to the lakeside makes any user a spectator of this serene setting.



  • Architects:Mindspace

  • Location:Electronics City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  • Category:Offices

  • Lead Architects:Sanjay Mohe, Swetha A, Joseph K T, Er. Mahesh.S

  • Area:390000.0 ft2

  • Project Year:2017

  • Photographs:Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

  • Manufacturers:Saint Gobain

  • Source

bio lake is conceived towards eastern side of the site which responds to the existing lake and would seem like an extension of it. Office building with all its ancillaries is proposed around this bio lake. Building is oriented with longer sides facing North – South to bring in glare free natural light. Porosity in planning and form allows continuous movement of breeze with wind tunnels creating venturi effect. Common areas are open and non-air conditioned.

The three-floor structure has terrace garden at every level .Free flowing Cascading green terraces which is reminiscent of rice fields, is connected through external staircases gives a feeling of elevated ground at each of these floors. These terraces also provide insulation to office spaces below thus reducing heat / AC load resonating to the idea of a sustainable building. Green terraces not only allow one to work outdoors, stimulate interaction amidst the flora and fauna but also offers trails for those who wish to enjoy leisurely walks. A walk along the proposed green walk path covers around 650 mts. Over the year’s greenery on the receding terraces on either side of the lake would embrace the built making it a non-building. A green wall on the western side of the building shields the usable spaces from harsh western sun. Green buffer zone in between green wall and usable spaces further cuts off the radiation.

Space Planning– Unifying Diversity of departments
Planning of the program is in such a way that each of the departments like Watches, jewellery, eye ware, accessories etc has its own zone but are yet connected to the other departments through voluminous atriums which brings in light and allows hot air to escape and houses lifts and staircases. The depth of office space is conceived in such a way that entire office space is enveloped with daylight as long as there is light outside thus minimizing use of artificial light. Artificial lighting is planned with light sensors and occupancy sensors.

The ground floor of the building is lifted by 2.7m.A wide inviting staircase along cascading water body leads one to the central spine which connects to the water body and greenery beyond, unfolding serenity. This element of surprise that changes as the atmosphere around changes has the effect of renewing our appreciation for it, so that it remains a recurrently delightful surprise to the senses. Water whether at rest or in motion, strokes human spirit.

The reflection of the water takes over the central spine during early morning hours. Every movement of the water’s rhythm can be seen on the ceiling. A beautiful game of movement, rhythm gives the space an extra dimension as it unfolds like a movie. By lifting the ground level there is a seamless connect between internal bio lake and external Veerasandra Lake making the edge of the boundary disappear.

The central spine along the clear water body edge is a linear double height space integrated with a series of wide steps, courtyards, product display walls, seating and informal meeting spaces. The spine culminates into an atrium leading to the dining block. Positioned along one edge of the serene water body, framing the greenery and water, one can dine either indoors or outdoors listening to the sounds of birds or sound of water. The dining block is designed in three levels to double up as a multipurpose hall.

A facated glazed crystal floating above the water along the central spine symbolising Titan’s association with Jewellery was created. This was cocieved as a design department where the designers of the various departments would be seated together reflecting Ttan’s strength of design edge and innovation. However as the design progressed this is converted to MD’s cabin.The second floor is converted to a huddle / brain stroming space.

Atrium-Never feel disconnected , collaboration between departments
The five atriums in the campus vertically connect all the floors from basement bringing in natural light and creating sense of one community, togetherness and encouraging interaction between different departments.

Considering Bangalore weather conditions and since bio-Lake and green terraces creates an adequate micro-climate, we questioned requirement of Air-conditioning for offices. Another major challenge was “How to encourage employees to use terraces gardens as outdoor work spaces and for interaction?” which questioned requirement of AC which would result in completely sealed interior spaces. A two / three stage air conditioning system is planned to minimize energy consumption by 30% compared to conventional AC. This system which requires continual air movement is coupled with highly energy efficient HVLS fans (High Volume Low Speed) which consume about 20 Watt energy while producing 200% more air volume compared to a 60 W domestic ceiling fan. Third stage will be used only during high humid months.

Solar panels are planned above the terrace along the western side and above the service yard on the ground floor to generate on site energy to adhere to 25% of the energy requirement. The landscape design is conceived as a vertical park where each level is a green terrace starting from waterfront park at the ground level to the sky park at the roof level. Integrated with the dynamic architecture the landscape spaces seamlessly merge from outside to inside. On the whole Titan corporate office campus where the idea of a corporate office is reinterpreted seated amidst nature is designed to inspire and elevate experience of the end users.

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