Mid-Century Contemporary Home with a dominant Palette of Beige and Browns | Ot Architects

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This mid-century contemporary home has a color palette with dominating colors of beige and brown. To break the monotonous look, complementing and contrasting colors are added to other elements such as the upholstery and the artwork.

Mid-Century Contemporary Home with a dominant Palette of Beige and Browns | Ot Architects

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The floor layout is well planned to exuberate spaces that establish a great sense of interactivity while balancing out to provide members with privacy. Passage from entrance to rooms connects all open areas such as the living, dinning and kitchen areas, organized to flow into each other.

The visual narrative keeps the flooring and ceiling of the same material throughout the apartment while revamping other design elements. The interior largely reflects use of wooden polish, neutral palette and an amalgamation of sepia tones, granting earthy sense to this apartment. Furthermore, setting an aesthetic tone that provides an atmosphere of comfort. The natural stone cladded wall in the living room displays a sense of textured walls that differentiates it as this
gathering space from the rest of the home.

Dining, a semi private central space of the house connects kitchen and balcony to other end from where wide windows let abundant light and invigorating fresh air in, while overlooking the city skyline. The bedrooms are kept minimal to its function as per the client’s needs. The artworks hung on the wall enrich the overall space along with furniture pieces of the bedroom are designed with subtle detail.


The light coloured Italian pattern on the floor gives a very classy, fun and spacious feel while directing the eye around the room. let fresh air in or block unwanted prying eyes, while maintaining the themes of the room and the combination of the materials like Italian,glass and veneer enhance its look.

Decorative lights are statement pieces of décor by themselves, warm white lights are chosen to compliments sepia tones of the home. They are marvels of drop dead showiness featured in black and bronze finish.

This home is designed keeping in mind the clients’ sensibilities to create a space that radiates warmth. The use of earthy and warm tones throughout, ground the space and a play with contrasting materials like marble and brick brings it to life. The addition of artwork and customized lights creates the perfect mood for each space in the home.

Designed by: Ot Architects

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Bhagwani House

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 1 Year

Project Size: 1900 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Omprakash Thakrani

Team Design Credits: Bhavna Sadhwani

Photograph Courtesy: Ashish Bhonde

Products & Materials: Wallcovering / Cladding: Natural Stone | Construction Materials: Rcc, Bricks | Lighting: Lafit | Sanitaryware: Jaquar | Windows: Upvc- Fascina | Flooring: Italian Marble,Wooden Flooring | Kitchen: Hettich | Paint: Asian Paints | Hardware: Hettich

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