Experience Luxurious Healing at this Ayurveda Clinic in Ahmedabad | VH Design Studio

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An interior for an Ayurveda clinic is planned with very minute care for detailing and also with the philosophy to drench the patient with ethnic ambiance. Once he/she enters the premise, this is done with the help of virtue of design, and basic material selection i.e old teak wood (salvage wood), brass, cement panels, etc. VHDS  followed the older traditional way to treat the wood to get optimum material richness. VHDS has tried to create an interior that gives a complete experience of Ayurveda treatment with royal ambiance. Indirect lighting with LED and perched natural light passed through wooden louvers strips at some places highlights the palatial interior.

Experience Luxurious Healing at this Ayurveda Clinic in Ahmedabad | VH Design Studio

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The entrance is designed with a feel of different experiences having predominantly placed a photo frame of “Lord Dhanvantari”. VHDS has used polished concrete floors to have a subtle and flawless walking experience throughout the entire flooring. The joineries for the concrete floor are kept under the thickness of partitions. Dark pigment is used in concrete to have a very unique color for the floor with a cloudy effect.

The Sattva is situated in a commercial complex with a restriction on window openings thus challenging to have Natural light and free air circulation. The oil which is being used for treatments,  Smells odd so the circulation/ replacement of air is mandatory. To have a solution to the challenge the partitions are designed with operable wooden louvers so the stink can be removed. Placements of louvers are done in a way to have maximum possible sunlight/ natural light. This tropical wooden louver adds beauty to the interior spaces as well as reminds us of vernacular architecture.

Ayurveda consulting is more about understanding the patient’s problem in detail and checking those at the grass root level to treat the patient properly so VHDS has adopted a way to have a counseling room,  where a patient with their relatives shares the challenges they have with “Vaidhya” in a discussion format. The layout with two sofas for discussion is placed and to check “Nadi” the supporting corner console is placed. A very uniquely designed partition with “Lord Krushna Pichvai” on the back side of the consulting chair is placed. The ceiling is a reflection of the concrete floor with an all-time favorite terracotta pot inserted with care to have subtle look.

The indoor patient room with two beds have direct approach to toilets and panchkarma rooms. The room is easily accessible for the staff in case of any emergency. NABH guideline has been followed in design/ layout. The bed design is resembles heritage,  opulent character. Privacy is catered to via the placement of window/ partition accessories.

The reception area is having convertible partition which leads towards a small hall and ultimately the whole area is converted into a large space. The client wanted to have such a big hall that can be convertible and can be used for various purposes of gathering for the small seminars and awareness campaigns.

In this ayurveda clinic, the long stretched corridor with polished  concrete floor has unique combination of the very loud crafted ceiling with red color and carved pattern. The partition is designed to have a maximum view to all sides, The lower partition is a uniquely designed portion with ethnic elements, and the upper one has full glass backed with sheer curtains and hung via brass curtain rods. The corridor is leading towards the main kitchen and lounge area, That passage door is the main source of light and air for the entire clinic so VHDS has maximize the openings in the door by putting up small wooden louvers covering a span of a door.

Fact File

Designed by: VH Design Studio

Project Type: Wellness Center Interior Design

Project Name: Sattva Ayurved Panchkarma Hospital

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Year Built: 2020

Duration of project: 5 Months

Project Size: 1500 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 45 lac

Principal Architect:  Pankaj Gandhi

Photograph Courtesy: Ishi Sitwala

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