Residence Interiors Impersonating Openness And Peaceful Characteristics | Maulik Pavagadhi Architects

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Residence Interiors Impersonating Openness And Peaceful Characteristics | Maulik Pavagadhi Architects

This residence is located in the city center of Vijapur which is around 60 Km away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The client gave us a free hand to create a space that was calm and serene yet had a luxurious and modern touch and was easy to maintain as this was their first dream home. We call this residence “tranquil”, as the word appropriately characterizes and implies the calmness, comfort, and warmth of a home that puts up a very simple, modern, humble, and loving family.

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The modern contemporary concept has been implemented in common spaces on the ground floor with a simple, minimal look for the bedrooms and private space says Maulik. When I first visited the residence, the openness and peaceful character of the site gave me the positive vibes that needed to be captured.

The house is spread over two floors. The ground floor comprises common spaces like the living room, dining room, pooja room, kitchen, master bedroom, and powder toilet. The first floor is a more private space comprising a daughter’s room, a son’s room, and a multipurpose hall that can be used for various activities. The ground floor abounds in fine innovative details following an open plan dividing the space into different segments but visually interconnected making the space look outsized.

At the entrance, a ceiling cladded with a veneer and a chandelier gives warmth and a cozy feeling to the visitors. Past the foyer, space opens up as one steps into the airy and brightly lit living room, its charm enhanced by a colour palette of white-grey and wood complemented by a bronze mirror that reflects the space. The living room also hosts a television unit whereby all the pieces of equipment are hidden making it uncluttered and organized says Maulik. The television is mounted as a picture frame when not in use to give a more decorative feel.

The dining and open kitchen concept provides transparency and makes the house look spacious. The kitchen has clean edges and details for ease of maintenance with the light colour palette supporting the bright look of the space adds aashka. The pooja room is defined by a glass door with a motif in white stone while its northern wall is punctured to allow the ingress of northern morning light. Catching the eye is the brown veneer that surfaces the entire tv unit wall of a living room and screening that divides powder toilet passage and dining space and goes on to wrap the entrance foyer ceiling.

The master bedroom on the ground floor with attached bathroom is designed with grey, beige and wooden tones with a cornered dressing space, making for a neat and functional layout.

The daughter’s room is designed with a grey – white and pink tone reflecting girls colour in the bedroom. Along with the highlighting pink wall it also has a mature vibe, reflecting the calmness of the elder daughter says maulik. The elements present in the room have been expertly augmented through lights, eclectic paintings and minimal artefacts.

The son’s bedroom exhibits simple furniture with cool shades of green and blue along with neutral wall colour. These hues play a major role in giving this room a calm and tranquil mood suitable for an elderly individual says aashka.

In general the colour palette is neutral with diverse hues of grey, pink, green, blue, wood in the upholstery and décor. These add verve and liveliness to the residence. Even the furniture narrates a happy story in each room because it has been personally designed by the squad of Maulik Pavagadhi Architects. We intended to incorporate the essence of the practical and humble personalities of our clients in the furniture from the material palette and upholstery to carefully handpicked décor elements, all our efforts were in the direction of giving this home the unique yet personal feel desired by the clients says Maulik.


Firm name: Maulik Pavagadhi Architects

Project type: Residential bungalow interior

Client: Mr. Ashok Patel

Location: Vijapur, Gujarat

Area: 4300 sq.ft

Project completion year: 2020

Principal designer: Ar. Maulik Pavagadhi and Id. Aashka Pavagadhi

Photography credits: Phx India


When it comes down to expertise and rich modern contemporary taste in interior design , Architect Maulik Pavagadhi and Interior designer Aashka Pavagadhi, Founder and co-founder of Maulik Pavagadhi Architects, a design firm based in Anand, Gujarat that deals with Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape design and Project Management Consultancy has it all.



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  • Adorable design work display…Colors used are impressive…Area of hygiene i.e. wash room display is not available…Rest good job done…Wishing you all a bright future ahead…

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