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Like the tanginess of tamarind and the pods that add a fun aspect to the irregular geometry, this home swings between fun and sombre but keeping intact the cohesiveness of a balanced interior design. The clients are a young energetic couple with two small daughters, aware of trends, lovers of good living and already acquainted with Prachi’s work and style. She had designed their clinics and not so surprisingly, has become a friend. The home is at Khadki, Pune, measuring 2000 sq. ft. Interestingly, Prachi has worked on all areas save the bedrooms – those were left alone, to be done later.

Keeping Intact The Cohesiveness Of A Balanced Interior Design | Cubix Global

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Entrance doors or doorways are always a special favourite in her entire portfolio of works and often becomes an important ‘gateway’ to how you are welcomed. This emotional aspect of design is something that she is extremely careful about preserving.

The door therefore is formal with classical motifs and mouldings, flanked by two columns, both on the same side. The dark brick gives added importance to the white of the columns.

The sofa is one single shaped C-shaped couch which accommodates 10 people at a time! Like the pods of a tamarind, it meanders of its own free will; its shape and cuteness factor is so effective that there is no need for other furniture or artefacts at all.

One steel chair was chosen and kept there in the living room; someone put a fleece blanket on it and it looked so chic that it has become a permanent feature of this room! Very vogueish!

The entire living room talks with the dining area, thanks to the curved ends of the sofa. The television unit is influenced by the front door and the asymmetrical twist- with ornate panel on one side and backed by a mirror, works to give an illusion of space.

There being small kids in the house, it was also important to understand that they would run around, might hit things, and therefore the floor is clear of loose objects, there are no sharp edges anywhere and most important, the living along with the sit-out, become very happy places for the kids to study, play or have friends over.

The dining, with its gamboge yellow chairs, is an interesting mix of old school wooden table and the happy modern chairs with their brass finish. The table is special for the designer and the family both: it has been part of their house for ages and therefore nobody wanted it to be anywhere but centre stage, getting wows for its old school and distinctly heirloom type aura.

The Passage is slightly adventurous with a floral and rather tropical themed wallpaper and the dark tamarind green wall panelling against the Italian marble flooring.

The sit-out is the piece de resistance of this home. This area has 3 distinct zones : 1) The seat : A microtopping technique has been used for the bubblegum pink seat and the wall behind. A stoneware pipe coated in powder blue becomes a planter, with a silver painted clump of dry twigs.

The seat is actually Kadappah covered with the micro concrete finish. The designer pulls out an ace with two distinct touches. she gives a slight notch that enhances the ‘circularness’ of the planter, and this notch adds a quaint touch to the bench because of the adobe type finish seen in that part of the notch, in the wall and in the niches of the wall.

The China mosaic; on one side it becomes flooring below the pink seat and on the other, it becomes a low bench running on all three sides. Here, it is a fitting partner to the black Kotah flooring and completes the languorous breakfast experience along with the chairs and table.

The additions; the stone basin with the oval mirror, the Hakuna Matata slogan in neon and the little touches of pillows, the Djembe drum and the single standard of Bougainvillea and the Portuguese style classical railing. Quite often, the temptation is to have quintessential ‘sit out’ elements like a swing, artefacts, lamps, bar units, et al but here, Prachi turns the concept of a sit-out on its head.

“A sit-out is a place where you can read, chat, party, relax, and even work,’ says Prachi, ‘today we have people who give twice the amount of work output sitting in a fresh garden than they would in a closed office!!

Times are a-changing and the concept of an Indian home can straddle the five continents by being fun with grace, quirky with sedate and easy to maintain along with ornate! With this delightful apartment, Prachi Jain easily shows that when there is a will, there is a way – the Tamarind tangy way!


Designed by : Cubix Global

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : The Tamarind Home

Location : Khadki, Pune.

Year Built : 2022

Project Size : 2000 sq.ft

Project Cost : 25 lakhs

Principal designer : ID. Prachi Jain

Team Design Credits : ID. Rakshanda Rawal

Photograph Courtesy : cubixglobal

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