Perfectly Combining Family Traditions With Contemporary And Urban Living Styles | AR Associates

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Located in Gangashrushti Sangamner, this single-family house was designed by AR Associates, perfectly combining family traditions with contemporary and urban living styles. The firm believes in focusing on understanding the need of the client and then blending function with aesthetics to find a balance between requirement and design.  One of the biggest challenges faced by the architects was to complete the project in 12 months in a new city with a new team. Therefore, they planned out each and every detail before going ahead with the execution process. The design focuses on creating modern elegance by incorporating formal and semi-formal interactive spaces. As one enters, they are greeted by a 6’ x 4’ customized teak wood framed painting of the Rajyabhishek of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The client desired an attractive, eye-catching entrance way and the historical canvas painting successfully sets the tone of grandeur.

Perfectly Combining Family Traditions With Contemporary And Urban Living Styles | AR Associates

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The hanging light given over the dining table adds drama to the space. The kitchen is a modular unit, a necessity of an urban household. It has a single-tone quartz stone finish. The living room combines function, detailing and comfort to form a double-height space. Its proportions are further enhanced by strategic wooden accents and a tasteful chandelier.

Next to the living room is the dining and kitchen area. Beside the kitchen counter, beyond the dining table is the ‘puja’ or the prayer area. The ‘puja’ back wall and ceiling are a continuous wooden veneer finish with a single pattern. 

Next to the living room lies the home office. The client is a journalist and wanted a functional place of work inside the residence.

The home office is an amalgamation of library spaces on two sides and a table in the center. A creativity-evoking couch is provided that helps the client contemplate before writing.

The master bedroom is a minimal affair with paintings adding a pop of color to a mild textured wall finish. Attached to the master bedroom are a walk-in closet and the master bath.

They follow a similar design language seen throughout the house – mild texture on walls, wooden veneers, mild grey ducco paint and stone finishes.

The first floor consists of private areas. The staircase has a dark composite marble finish and stainless steel railings fused with glass. Paintings line the wall along the vertical path of movement to create interest and intrigue. Upon reaching the first floor, one enters the family lounge space that extends into a landscape sit-out area.

The architects had the vision to create a vista from these indoor to outdoor spaces. In the family lounge, three and four-seater sofas are provided along the two walls that create a lively mingling space.

The TV screen wall is designed with MS pipes and wooden accents going from wall to ceiling. A loose console is given under the television over a mild grey-colored wall. These areas are designed to assist family interaction. 

The daughters’ bedroom is designed with a low-height bed with a white stone finish complimented by a vibrant coloured leatherette cushion headboard. A wardrobe with sliding doors adds a sense of ease and functionality. On the wall adjacent to the washroom, a dressing unit is created using MS pipes and wooden accents.

The first floor also houses another lavish bedroom for the client’s mother. It has a single bed with a wardrobe that follows a pattern.  

With thoughtful planning and focus on detailing and innovative utilization of materials, the architects translated the brief into the reality of an elegant and luxe home. By the virtue of its planning, the abode is a perfect space for the family to bond and relax.


Designed By : AR Associates

Project type : Residential Bungalow

Project Name : Manora Bungalow

Location : Gangashrushti Sangamner

Plot area : 1900 sq. ft.

Built up area : 2100 sq. ft.

Completion Year : May 2022

Concept : Contemporary

Principal Architectural Designer : Arun Shirsath & Ritesh Badjate

Design Team : Sumant Chavan, Mayur Satpute & Sahil Mandlik

Photograph Credits : Photographix

Content Credits : Kriti Shah – The Architect’s Diary

MATERIALS/VENDORS : Flooring: Simpolo, Ceramic Center / Plywood and veneer: Siddhivinayak Corporation / Lighting fixtures: Glitz studio / Loose Furniture: G&C Casa / Sanitary: Simpolo & Imported
/ Kitchen: Queens Modular Kitchen

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