5 Tips To Make Rooms in Your Homes More Accessible


Whether you live with family or alone, you need to ask yourself how accessible your home is. Ensuring that your home is functional and safe for all ages is an essential thing. There are several reasons that may push you to want to make your home more accessible, including aging, winter seasons, and making room for a disabled person. Here are five fantastic tips to make rooms in your homes more accessible.

Ramp access

Many new homes are built to the best of their ability. Most homes will have stair steps without a ramp when accessing a room. However, installing a ramp is a good solution if you feel you have limited mobility or need access to a wheelchair. Ramps reduce the risk of falling or tripping over, which often leads to injuries.

With limited resources, ramps are good since they are affordable, easy to install in a few hours, and are relatively easy to use.

Before you purchase a ramp, ensure you have done your research well, as there are various types available in the market today at different prices.

Automatic doors

Accessibility is not something to take for granted. A disabled person may not have the strength or ability to open a door. If you use a wheelchair or walking frames or any other mobility aid, you may have a hard time opening and closing doors.

Automated door opening systems are a great way to promote independence and provide the freedom to enter rooms freely without depending on other people for help. You could also add a voice-activated entry system to your home.


We always contain a lot of clutter in our homes. This results from having the habit of not letting things go. You may find yourself with a lot of things that you no longer use or need but still stay in your way.

Declutter your rooms periodically to make rooms more accessible and create space. Give some furniture that you do not use to friends, family, or charity. Decluttering provides room to move comfortably.


Handrails provide body support and make movements much more manageable around the house. Installing handrails in bathrooms, corridors, living room and kitchen improves accessibility. In addition, they will increase your safety and confidence when moving around the house. Handrails in the bathroom can provide support if you happen to trip or slide.

Folding doors

Another thing you should consider to make your home more accessible is installing folding doors. Folding doors are an affordable and attractive way to divide your living room sections in a more accessible way. Folding doors are also much easier to open and close. In addition, folding doors create more space and floods light into rooms. Folding Door Solutions Brisbane can advise you more on your choice of doors that will suit your needs perfectly.

There are several ways to make your rooms more accessible. If it is an immediate need, you may consider starting with the most straightforward options, such as decluttering. Later on, you can progress to the more complicated ones like ramp installation.


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