Elements of Traditional Indian and Contemporary Design for this Home in Ahmedabad | Anand Patel Architects

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Designing the interiors of a semi-attached bungalow for a family of three was taken up as a challenge to justify the family’s fondness for simplicity and elegance. Located in Shela, in the western outskirts of Ahmedabad, ‘Kashyap’ features a modern contemporary design. With a built-up area of 2,580 sq.ft, this residence has open spaces on three sides with one wall adjoining the other bungalow. Considering this as an opportunity to design the entrance ‘welcoming’, it was planned in such a way that the users can feel a subtle transition from a flamboyant vestibule and living room to the cozy dining area and bedrooms.

Elements of Traditional Indian and Contemporary Design for this Home in Ahmedabad | Anand Patel Architects

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What’s more beautiful than a good glance of Lord Buddha’s idol at the entrance with a simple, circular arched metal jali as a backdrop? The material considerations like statuario marble tiles and wooden flutes uplift the ambiance of the entrance. The potted plants placed on either side of the idol help evoke a sense of liveliness in the space.

The use of various materials gives out a strong sense of a today’s contemporary house, with an appealing rustic look; while the smell of timber and stone maintains that earthy feeling one strives for inside their livable space.

One of the most functional spaces within a living room broadcasts a wooden TV cabinet that holds beautiful artifacts along with marble as its backdrop.

The color palette used throughout the interiors majorly consists of the shades of browns, beige, grays, white along with a subtle use of golden color in artifacts and lights. Whether it is the wooden partition separating the foyer and dining area, wooden ceiling, and several pieces of wooden furniture, wood in all respects compliments the white painted walls and stone used in furniture.

Even the well-lit, puja room expresses a sense of spirituality with its vibrant color scheme and storyline as a part of devotion; a picturesque ‘Pichhwai’ painting creating an impressive setting.

However, the other room gives a warm, cozy feeling with its uptight, minimal design as per spatial needs. As one walks towards the bedroom on the top floor, the scenic wallpaper takes them to a serene, dreamy space where they can find solace.

Along with this, the wavy bold pattern on curtains could carry them to sleep, one might wonder! Even the wardrobes’ black tinted glass imitates the essence of thoughtful design within this room.

Overall, the richness of statuario marble tiles makes the spaces look more spacious. The play of artificial lights has been significant throughout the house and has managed to give this abode a youthful ambience. Along with the minimal use of materials, emphasis has been put on the use of art pieces in the house expressing clients’ love for art.

Further in this contemporary design home , on the first floor are two comfortably designed bedrooms, one of which has crafted mirrors towards its headboards that reflects the beauty of simplicity, making it look more spacious. In addition, an unconventional clock grabs all the attention within that room.

A striking feature to notice is the study table made of marble, metal and wood, giving it a sense of strength and boldness evoking confidence while working on it. It also has a low-seating space adjacent to it near the window; a space perfect to sip a cup of tea while reading a book!

‘Kashyap’- an abode of simplicity and elegance therefore, speaks of the richness of the materials and art used while it continues to reflect the strong values of simplicity of the occupants.

Fact File

Designed by: Anand Patel Architects

Project Name: Kashyap                                             

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Project Size: 2580 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Anand Patel

Team Design Credits: Dhrumita, Vishwa & Payal

Text Credits: Komal Choksi

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Anand Patel Architects

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