Design Hotel by Justa, Chennai

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Design Hotel by Justa, Chennai:

jüSTa is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘to welcome’ to your home. jüSTa Hotels & Resorts founded by Mr Ashish Vohra , is where Indian hospitality meets international standards of luxury. Being believers in individualized service – each of the jüSTa hotels have less than 50 rooms. jüSTa promises an experience filled with a mosaic of happy experiences, rich in moments of luxurious comfort, seamless service, and the ambience of opulence.



Design Hotel by Justa, Chennai Nestled inside the vibrant 17-acre metropolis that is Phoenix Market City, Design Hotel Chennai, invites you to an oasis of unrivalled opulence in their twenty-six room boutique hotel. At Design Hotel by jüSTa, Chennai, they believe that through design, one can reach out, inspire, and touch others in order to make the experiences of guests magical and wonderful. Here, the interiors have seamlessly connected past and present international design movements to the timeless local traditions of South India. Designed on the styles of four distinct contemporary art, each floor at Design Hotel is an infusion of traditional South Indian Art / Architecture, namely – Ati, Maya, Rooh and Nunya; and has been designed by renowned interior designer -Pronit Nath.


ANNAM CAFE: The All Day Dining Restaurant is located on the 3rd floor. Breakfast with Indian & Continental dishes is served in the restaurant during your stay. You have a choice cuisines ranging from North & South Indian, Chinese, Continental and Mediterranean dishes accompanied with your Indian and Foreign soft / hard beverages.



ATI: Timeless, beautiful Kolam rice art, or ‘Rangoli’ adorn the tasteful, monochrome Ati corridor. An infinity mirror at the end of the passage enhances the effect of the intricate composition of black inlaid on grey, alternating with white stripes. The passageway leads you towards six magnificent rooms, which do supreme justice to the rich traditions of Tamil Nadu. Opulence is the order in the splendid Ati rooms. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Velacherry, which frame the Ati’s420 sq. ft. of vaulted ceilings with ornate crown molding finished in gorgeous gold leafing. The rooms feature majestic custom furnishings, flat-screen TVs, and bathrooms fully adorned in white Carrara marble and glass. Your Pallava palace awaits!



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The Maya corridor transcends all notions of the regular and transports you to awondrous world true to its name, which when translated in traditional Sanskrit means“illusion”. The centre  piece of the seven rooms located within is a stunning lenticularTanjore panel painting, spanning the length of the room. The three dimensional opticalillusion depicts the warmth and simple grandeur of traditional South Indian communities. Magnificent to behold, and a joy to reside in, marble desktops, smooth grey sandstone flooring, flat-screen TVs, plush leather seating and floor-to-ceiling frameless glass showers leave our guests reluctant to leave the comfort of their 390 sq.ft. rooms.




ROOP: The thousand pillars of the Madurai Temple, where Tamil art & literature flourished for generations, serves as the basis of the design for the Roop rooms and corridor. The six enchanting rooms are designed in the same rhythmic flow, bringing with them the joy of dance, music and spirituality that simultaneously enhances all five senses. The beautifully constructed rooms contain custom furnishings, exquisitely ornamented Bisazza mosaic tiles, and subdued lighting encased in overhead coves to create a futuristic ambience in Roop, which focuses on the curves and form of the unparalleled 420 sq. ft. space.




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