• Exhibit of Rich Rajasthani Heritage in this Hotel Design | Design Inc.

    Udaipur has been named as one of the most tourist friendly, beautiful lake city in India, which houses more than 1000 hotels. In such scenario, establishing a brand image amongst world known hospitality giants, require substantial weight in terms of a hotel design.

    Exhibit of Rich Rajasthani Heritage in this Hotel Design | Design Inc.

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    Dheergarh is a boutique hotel overlooking Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) and Lake Pichola with 16 luxurious, spacious rooms, roof top restaurant and a bar lounge. We were approached by our client Dr Aayush Gupta to do the interiors of this hotel, of which structural framework was done. Plot Area of the site is 2400 Sq ft, with access corner road 30 Feet wide road, with G+4 building floors.

    Harnessing ideal location of the hotel and the heritage tourism character of the city was the idea of the client for developing the space. Dheergarh has been treated like a haveli spatially, provisioned with significant royal experience to the visitors. In order to achieve aforesaid, lavishness, sophisticated color palette of Ottoman Architecture was our first choice. As the volume of the space was of anthropological scale, tasteful use of color, texture, elements, forms and material was crucial. Common areas of the hotel have been treated with rich furniture and bright , vibrant color palette. Our clients being a tasteful collector of arts and artifacts have gracefully enabled to use his handpicked collection along with elegant pick from local market and artisans. Entire space if provided with freshness through live greens.

    Being hospitality unit, it was important to provide with exquisite aesthetic appeal to the building and its all spaces. Also budget was to be kept in consideration; hence it was required to meet both the ends keeping maintenance low with possibility of creating newness and possible flexibility of creating newness in the ambience in due course of time. In order to make the interiors budget friendly, impression of color on human psychology along with tasteful lighting was harnessed efficiently.

    Roof top restaurant happen to be a cherry on cake, giving picturesque view to fascinating Pichhola and Sajjangarh Fort. Metal, spiral staircase leading to terrace, adds to the mystical  value of the space. The rooftop has been designed with wooden flooring, wooden  roof , with hanging lights, nestled with raw stone murals. As the space was designed to be used in sunrise, sunset and night hours, simple design forms have been used.

    Lounge bar is a contrasting space with cozy and warm finishes, aligned with strict, wooden arrangements configured with soft, velvet material. Drama is still very much en vogue in hotel interior design. Deep, bold colors, accented with metals, evoke power, strength, and sophistication. The idea of exotic feel of the space happens to be make it romantic and sensual.

    Bedrooms are decorated with neutral light colors, contrasted with vivid, bold accent walls and natural wooden furniture. Supplemented with simple , modern styled furniture has given the rooms home like set up. Aforesaid arrangement gives the arrangement of plush eateries with elegant restrooms.

    Finally it can be said that the space is designed to give a soulful experience to the visitors.

    Designed By: Design Inc.

    Typology: Hospitality Design

    Project Name: Dheergarh Palace

    Location: Udaipur

    Built: 2020

    Duration: 4 Months

    Plot Area: 2400 sq.ft.

    Built Up: 8000 sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx: 1 Crore

    Principal Architects: Sandeep Jain & Anup Murdia

    Design Team: Akshi Jain, Ankita Bhanawat, Mudit Lodha & Ishwar Lohar

    Photography Credits: Pratikruti

    Consultants for the Project

    Civil: Ajay Dak & Associates

    Contractors: Kalu Ram

    Project manager: Rahul

    Products and Materials: Marble: Siddhi Vinayak Marble & Granite | Stone: Art & Stones | Wood & Veneers: Rakesh Timbers & Lake City Interiors | Lighting: Amarpali, Wall Craft, Neptune Lighting | Paint: Honest Paints, Asian Paints | Sanitary ware: Kohler | Artefacts: Sanskriti Arts | Hardware: Hafele, Hettich, Grass

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