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Posted On December 25, 2023

Transforming Spaces: 15 Painting Techniques for Walls to Inspire

Embarking on a journey into the realm of interior design, our focus turns to the transformative realm of painting techniques for walls. In this exploration, we delve beyond traditional colour...

Posted On December 24, 2023

Types of Vaults in Architecture: Structure and Architecture Style

Throughout history and timeline of periodic styles, we have witnessed numerous Types of Vaults in Architecture. Vaulted ceilings refer to architectural designs where the ceiling is arched or curved, creating...

Posted On December 22, 2023

Architects Who Designed Furniture: 15 Exquisite Design Fusions

The 20th century was a significant period, with influential Architects Who Designed Furniture like Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier, and Verner Panton. They occupied a unique intersection of creativity, functionality, and...

Posted On December 18, 2023

Vault Architecture: 10 Stunning Classical and Modern Vault Designs

Vault architecture emerges as a compelling and diverse facet, weaving through the ages and across a multitude of cultural landscapes. From the ancient rock-cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora to...

  • Posted On November 20, 2023

    Colour Psychology in Design: Illuminating the Emotion Behind Hues

    A school of thought known as colour psychology in design aims at discovering how different colours affect our feelings, actions, and perceptions. It delves further into how humans experience various...

    Posted On August 24, 2023

    A Liberal and Dynamic Space for Uplifting the Bright Future of the Special Ones | Rathod’s Design

    A hundred-year-old structure reshaped into a modern, sleek, and vibrant set-up is a counselling centre to aid children with special needs in Mumbai. The centre is a liberal and dynamic...

    Posted On December 07, 2022

    Warm, Playful And Healthy Environment For The Young School Children | THE CODE STUDIO

    Helios International School is a CBSE school in Pune, Maharashtra. The school is designed for about 2000 children. The purpose of designing the spaces was to create a warm, playful...

    Posted On October 22, 2022

    ‘EduCafe’, A Learning Institute And A Space That Acts As A Social Hub | Studio A+D

    The Project ‘EduCafe’, a learning institute and a space that acts as a social hub, has been designed with the idea to enhance collaborative learning which allows the students of...

    Posted On May 13, 2022

    Playfully Illustrated Play Room Design with Whimsical Palette | Frolik+Co

    Steering clear of kitsch that is usually associated with ‘Made in India’ tag, this fancy little play room Design was brought to fruition by the efforts of Frolik+Co team. Frolik+Co...

    Posted On December 04, 2021

    This Institution Design is Balance of Engineered and Organic Design with a Spin of Minimalism | Atelier Aztec

    Atelier Aztec was appointed by the directors of Red & White group of institute to shape up the interior space of their new establishment, institution design. The institute spreads across...