• A Liberal and Dynamic Space for Uplifting the Bright Future of the Special Ones | Rathod’s Design

    A hundred-year-old structure reshaped into a modern, sleek, and vibrant set-up is a counselling centre to aid children with special needs in Mumbai. The centre is a liberal and dynamic space for uplifting the bright future of the special ones and is a formal space combining neutral colours with multi-coloured elements inspired by the company branding. The concept of designing was to modify the areas following the space requirements.

    A Liberal and Dynamic Space for Uplifting the Bright Future of the Special Ones | Rathod’s Design

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    Every old structure withstanding against time, beholds a lot of wear and tear, while the management of such sites usually involves the refashioning and retaining of existing features. The beauty of this century-old structure is preserved by revamping the existing entrance, furniture, wooden rafters, and ceiling to complement the theme.

    A passage-opening window niche transformed into a small-size reading corner for the little ones to read and drift apart in their dreamland.

    As there were security concerns about the setting where the site is based, careful consideration was given to the design of the main entryway of the complex. There was a need for an innovative design that can cater to the security concerns as well as the design functionality of the door. The designer came up with a notion of a horizontal grill similar to the concept of the playful ladder instead of a vision panel, which acts as a safety grill as well as a fun element blending with the overall theme.

    Grooved entrance to the reception area with a harmonious blend of subtle neutral white shades decorated with multi-coloured wallpaper and frames veiled with rich shades of blue and golden.

    A multi-functional space that meets a wide range of activities by reorganizing the furniture in keeping with the requirements/activities. The structure was embellished with a vintage wooden rafter ceiling. To preserve the vintage rafters, the designer refurbished them with a soothing white and peppy orange to go with the overall colour palette.

    The entire space was divided into two different areas for use as counselling cabins separated by sliding and folding partitions. With the partition between the two counselling cabins retracted, this space can be utilized for group activities such as group therapy sessions.

    Two old vintage cabinets have been repainted and accessorized to preserve the existing furniture to match the peppy flair. Design elements such as chairs, pin boards, backrests, and wallpaper have been hand-picked to make the colour palette balance out the subtle off-white shade.

    The main counselling area has a curved desk on castors to allow some room if any physical therapy sessions need to be carried out. A whiteboard is furnished as a design feature to heed therapy through a visual representation.

    So that the little ones can connect and be able to freely express themselves through the medium. On the whole, the space is adorned in colourful hues to make it playful and secure from a child’s prospects.

    In a world filled with ambition, we opt for our children to grow strong and prosperous. The designer aimed to provide a centre that not only helps these little ones to help them cope with the problems they are facing but makes them feel safe, resourceful, and liberal in space. Make all design elements easier and more approachable.


    A centennial structure that displays a sense of modern, sleek, and vibrant set-up is a counselling center to aid children with special needs in Mumbai. The centre is an elegant formal space blended with neutral hues and chromatic speckles inspired by the centre’s logo. The notion of design was to alter the areas to suit the spatial requirements by providing a sliding folding partition and a table moving in slide tracks for additional space. The beauty of the century-old structure is preserved by refashioning existing furniture, wooden rafters, and ceiling to complement the theme.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Rathod’s Design

    Project Type: Educational | Childcare Centre

    Project Name: Special Needs Counselling Centre

    Location: Vile Parle, Mumbai

    Year Built: 2021

    Duration of the project: 6 Months

    Project Size: 886 sq.ft

    Principal Architect: Riddhi Rathod

    Collaboration With: Ar. Tushar Desai

    Team Design Credits: Ar. Tushar Desai, Riddhi Rathod & Mamta Shukla

    Photograph Courtesy: Esha Daftary

    Text Credit: Ar. Damini Vedpathak

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