20 Types Of Doors To Add Style To Your Space

Often underestimated yet integral to our daily lives, there are a myriad of types of doors, each telling a unique story of design, functionality, and cultural evolution. From the timeless elegance of French doors to the space-saving ingenuity of pocket doors, our dwellings and workplaces are adorned with doors that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Various fascinating types of doors, like the swing, slide, and pivot, unveil tales of origin, innovation, and adaptation in modern architecture. Let us navigate through the diverse styles, from the historic charm of louvred doors to the cutting-edge efficiency of automatic doors, revealing the remarkable diversity and significance. Here, there are two types of doors: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Doors

Indoor doors actively contribute to the functionality and ambiance of our living spaces. Originating from ancient hinged models, today’s diverse designs—swinging, sliding, and folding—harmonise style and practicality. A few examples are mentioned below:

1. Flush Door

Types Of Doors
View of Flush Door

Flush doors, originating in the mid-20th century, actively serve modern interiors with a smooth, flat surface. Their clean design maximises simplicity and functionality, making them a staple in contemporary architecture and providing seamless transitions in residential and commercial spaces.

2. Swing Door

Types Of Doors
View of Swing Door

Swing doors, hinged for easy opening and closing, originated in ancient Egypt and Greece. Today, their timeless functionality and efficiency make them ubiquitous in modern architecture, serving as standard entrances in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

3. Panel Door

Types Of Doors
View of Panel Door

Panel doors are a type of door with distinct raised or recessed sections, or panels, on the surface. These panels can vary in design and number. Panel doors are known for their classic and versatile aesthetic, making them a popular choice in various architectural styles and interior designs.

4. Sliding Door

View of Sliding Door

Sliding doors, tracing their origins to traditional Japanese architecture, smoothly move horizontally on tracks. In modern design, they maximise space efficiency and aesthetics, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor areas in residential and commercial buildings, fostering a sense of openness and fluidity.

5. Pocket Door | Cavity Slider

Types Of Doors
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Pocket doors, originating in Victorian-era America, slide seamlessly into walls to save space. Modern uses prioritise their sleek, space-maximising design in residential and commercial buildings, offering a minimalist solution that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

6. Slide and Swing Door

View of Slide and Swing Door

Slide and swing doors combine functionality, sliding horizontally for space efficiency and swinging for traditional access. Originating from diverse architectural influences, they blend history and modern design. Widely used in residential and commercial settings, these doors offer versatile solutions for diverse spatial needs.

7. Bifold Door | Concertina Door | Accordion Door | Slide and Fold Door

Types Of Doors
Bifold Door | Concertina Door | Accordion Door | Slide and Fold Door

Originating centuries ago, bifold doors folded in half, maximising space. Today, they bring versatility to modern architecture, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces in homes and commercial buildings. Their adaptability and sleek design contribute to contemporary aesthetics and the efficient use of space.

8. Louvred Door

Louvred Door

Rooted in the Middle Ages, this type of door offer a perfect blend of ventilation and privacy. Modern homes and offices embrace their functional charm, utilising their slatted design to enhance air circulation while maintaining a stylish and adaptable solution for contemporary interior and exterior spaces.

9. Glass Door

Types Of Doors
Glass Door

The Romans and Egyptians were among the early adopters of glass in windows and doors (not a flat panel but with small glass pebbles), thus laying the foundation for the development of glass doors. These transparent portals now define modern structures, infusing spaces with natural light and contemporary elegance in homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

10. Pivot Door | Offset Door | Central Hung Door

Offset Door | Pivot Door | Central Hung Door

Pivot doors, with origins spanning centuries, actively serve as impressive entrances in modern architecture. Their unique pivot hinge allows for larger, grander designs, offering a statement of contemporary elegance in residential and commercial spaces where functionality meets aesthetic impact.

11. Saloon Door | Batwing Door | Double Action Door

Types Of Doors
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Saloon doors, associated with the Old West, actively evoke nostalgia and character in modern spaces. Their swinging, split design provides a touch of rustic charm, making them a popular choice for themed establishments and adding a distinctive flair to contemporary interiors.

Outdoor Doors

Outdoor doors should be actively secured and welcomed. They not only provide security but also make bold statements in architectural design, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics in our lives. A few examples are mentioned below:

12. French Door

Types Of Doors
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French doors, originating in 17th-century France, elegantly connect spaces. Their paired glass panels swing open, fostering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. Today, they grace modern homes and establishments, embodying classic charm and sophistication in architectural design.

13. Screen Door

Types Of Doors
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Originating in 19th-century America, screen doors actively provide insect protection while allowing ventilation. Modern homes embrace their practicality, enhancing indoor-outdoor living, preventing bugs, and promoting fresh air circulation, making them an essential element in contemporary architecture.

14. Dutch Door

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Dutch doors, originating in the Netherlands, uniquely function by splitting horizontally. Historically designed to allow air circulation while keeping animals out, they now find modern use in homes, adding charm and functionality to spaces with their distinctive divided design.

15. Automatic Doors

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Automatic doors, born from technological advancements, actively open and close without manual effort. Originating in the mid-20th century, they revolutionised modern spaces, providing seamless access in commercial buildings, airports, and hospitals, enhancing convenience, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

16. Revolving Door

Types Of Doors
Image Credits: Assa Abloy

Revolving doors, invented in the late 19th-century USA by Theophilus Van Kannel, efficiently control air exchange. Today, they grace the entrances of large commercial buildings, ensuring energy efficiency, climate control, and smooth traffic flow while serving as architectural symbols of progress and modernity.

17. Security Door

Security doors actively safeguard modern spaces, originating as a response to safety concerns. Crafted with reinforced materials and advanced locking systems, they serve as a protective barrier, deterring unauthorised entry into homes and businesses and ensuring a secure environment with contemporary design integration.

18. Fire Doors

Types Of Doors
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Fire doors, designed in the 20th century for safety, actively contain and slow down fires. Originating from a crucial need for fire protection, they are now indispensable in modern buildings, safeguarding lives and property by preventing the rapid spread of flames during emergencies.

19. Garage Door

Image Credits: Freepik

Garage doors, originating with the rise of automobiles in the early 20th century, actively secure modern homes. Equipped with automated opening systems, they provide convenient access, ensuring safety for vehicles and belongings while integrating modern aesthetics into residential and commercial architecture.

20. Roller Shutter Door

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Roller shutter doors, originating in the 20th century, actively secure modern industrial and commercial spaces. Their flexible, durable design, coupled with motorised systems, provides efficient security and weather protection, making them integral for large entrances and loading areas in contemporary architecture.

With the exploration of these unique types of doors, we’ve uncovered a rich tapestry of architectural possibilities, from classic to sleek functionalism. Each type of door, whether indoors or outdoors, contributes a unique note to the musical piece of design. It showcases innovation and adaptability across cultures and centuries. As we close the door on this journey, let’s appreciate the dynamic role these types of doors play in shaping our living spaces, blending history with contemporary flair, and inviting us to witness the ever-evolving language of architecture.

Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Ishita Jindal

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