• This Cafe in Raipur is a Testament to Tradition and Modernity | Interior Ozal Design Studio

    Nestled amidst the bustling streets, this Cafe in Raipur is a testament to the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity. The space evokes a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and contemporary allure. The project’s inception was marked by a clear directive from the client: each corner should unveil its own narrative, inviting patrons into a space that exudes coziness and charm.

    This Cafe in Raipur is a Testament to Tradition and Modernity | Interior Ozal Design Studio

    cafe in raipur

    Style Name: Vernacular Fusion

    Dubbed as Vernacular Fusion, the design ethos of Café Lambreta embraces a minimalistic and aesthetic approach, rooted in vernacular themes. Drawing inspiration from traditional architectural elements and infusing them with a contemporary twist, the cafe in Raipur embodies an effortless blend of the old and the new.


    The design narrative of Café Lambreta was born out of a reverence for the original flooring, adorned with Kota stone. Thus, this served as the cornerstone of the design concept. Every element is carefully curated to complement and accentuate the inherent beauty of the Kota stone.

    Inspired by vintage traditional themes, the space seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. It invites patrons to embark on a sensory journey through time.

    Difficulties Faced

    The project encountered several challenges. The chief among them being the transformation of old cement brick walls into rustic masterpieces. The walls adorn with mud walls and cow dung plaster. This endeavor demanded meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship to seamlessly blend traditional techniques with modern sensibilities.

    cafe in raipur

    Additionally, the arrangement of maximum sit-outs within the confines of a small space posed a creative challenge. It requires innovative solutions to optimize space utilization while maintaining a distinct aesthetic at each corner.


    One of the most significant challenges faced during the project was the skepticism from critics regarding the use of cow dung in a prime hospitality area.

    cafe in raipur

    However, through meticulous execution and a commitment to sustainability, Café Lambreta successfully challenged these preconceptions, demonstrating the viability of vernacular materials in modern design.

    Utilizing materials like cow dung and lime plaster not only imbued the interiors with a sense of authenticity but also provided passive cooling, making the space energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

    cafe in raipur

    Materials Used

    The design palette of Café Lambreta is characterized by its innovative use of materials, including mud, lime, and cow dung plaster, which lend a rustic charm to the space.

    Minimalistic furniture crafted from wicker and wood, combined with elements of metal, carving, and glass, creates a harmonious fusion of textures and aesthetics.

    Floor embossing techniques were employed to enhance the natural beauty of the Kota stone floors, while indigo floor paint added depth and character to the space. The walls, touched with hues from Asian color palettes, exude warmth and vibrancy, further enriching the ambiance.

    USP of the project

    Central to the design narrative is the admiration for cow dung as a versatile and sustainable building material. Its earthy tones and historical significance make it a favorite element, embodying the spirit of tradition and innovation that defines Café Lambreta.

    Client Vision and Support

    The success of Café Lambreta is a testament to the shared vision and unwavering support of the client, who sought to create a space that pays homage to tradition while embracing modernity.

    The challenge of using traditional materials in a contemporary setting served as the driving force behind the project, resulting in a space that seamlessly integrates heritage elements with modern design sensibilities.

    Through collaboration and creativity, Café Lambreta invites patrons to indulge in a sensory experience that transcends time and culture, embodying the essence of its vibrant culinary scene.

    Fact File

    Designed by:
    Interior Ozal Design Studio

    Project Type: Cafe Interior Design

    Project Name: Cafe Lambreta

    Location: Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Year Built: 2023

    Duration of the project: 4 Months

    Project Size: 1050 Sq.ft

    Principal Designer: Ozal Laddha

    Team Design Credits: Ashish Khandelwal & Ar. Urja Laddha

    Photograph Courtesy: Rahul Rathod Photography

    The Firm’s Website Link: Interior Ozal Design Studio

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Interior Ozal Design Studio

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Interior Ozal Design Studio

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