Can You Put A Mattress on The Floor

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Can You Put A Mattress on The Floor

There is no such thing in life that only contains benefits and pros. Every single thing has some benefits and drawbacks and it is always good to learn about both the sides before making a decision. Sleeping on the floor is a topic that has received various comments time to time. Some comments were made out of an experience and somewhere made out of comfort. Sleeping on the floor is beneficiary or is harmful? Some people say it’s a benefit and some claims it to be harmful.


There is a reason behind everything and every claim needs to have some reasons and proofs behind for better support. Beds were not invented in ancient times. People use to sleep on the floor and use to survive. Even now in Asian countries, people do sleep on the floor as they either find it comfortable and beneficiary or because they cannot afford a bed and a soft mattress.


Sleeping on the floor is not harmful alone but it can be harmful when combined with some other factors. Throwing some light upon the benefits and drawbacks of sleeping on the floor will help you in determining the best for you and your family.


Advantages of sleeping on the floor

  • Sleeping on a hard surface provides great support to the body. It provides alignment to the spine and helps in keeping it firm and straight. This helps in getting rid of back pain and lower back pain.
  • It instigates proper blood circulation throughout the body.
  • The floor provides a sense of cooling and better air circulation and hence ensure sound sleep.
  • The risk of having scoliosis is less for people who sleep on the floor regularly


Disadvantages of sleeping on the floor

  • Staying near to the floor means staying in dirt and dust. People who are prone to dust allergies must avoid sleeping on the floor to stay away from health issues.
  • Some people cannot take the cold floor. The coolness that comes spout of the floor may damage the spine and result in a major health issue.
  • People who are already ill and are prescribed to use special mattresses must not sleep on the floor.
  • Sleeping on the floor means sleeping with the bugs and insects. They might attack you while you are in deep sleep and that can be a problem.
  • Putting a mattress on the floor means that the air circulation through the mattress is restricted by the flooring system. This, in turn, means that the mattress would absorb the sweat and moisture and would get damaged.
  • Pets tend to leave their fur here and there. Floors must be clean enough for a good and healthy sleep.


Every person has a different style of sleeping. Some sleep straight on their back, some sleep on a particular side posture and some keep twisting and turning all night. Even the use of pillow differs from person to person. Some find just one pillow enough while some sleep among a pile of pillows. For people who are habituated to sleep on their side must never sleep on the floor.


It can damage the spine. Also, sleeping on the floor is beneficial when you sleep without a pillow. The entire body must be in one straight alignment and hence using a pillow might give you a neck pain in the morning. People who have bugs, insects, and pets at home must ensure to clean the floor before sleeping. For people who are suffering from regular back pain can try sleeping on the floor to get rid of the pain.


Purchasing the suitable mattress and putting it on a bed can be a better option than sleeping on the floor. There are firm mattresses that help in providing better support to the body and this way one can ensure better sleep. Get rid of backaches and at the same time would be safe for bug bites and insects crawling in. one can find the mattress online and look for the various types available. One can surf to know about the various benefits the mattresses provide and can also consult a doctor to know the right mattress your body needs.



One must make sure that they do not let the kids and toddlers remain on the floor for a long time as they have a weak immune system. They can catch cold or have allergies that can be harmful to their health and future. After knowing the benefits and drawbacks of sleeping on the floor one can take the right decision and make the required changes to have a better sleep at night without hampering the body and daily routine by any means. Sleeping on the floor is all about providing better support to the back and that can be done by using a proper mattress that is not very hard but is good enough to keep your spine straight.



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