Difference Between Panel Beds & Platform Beds

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Difference Between Panel Beds & Platform Beds

Platform beds are the low beds that are made out of wood and other strong materials. It is like a platform that is built up a little higher than the floor and one can keep a mattress on it to sleep. The benefit of having a platform bed is that that it comes with a great storage space and is a must for people who love low beds. It is safe for children and pets because of its lower height. The platform beds are modern and spacy. Initially, it was of bringing designs, but the new designs are very classy and unique.


One must choose a platform bed that is made up of better wood quality because these beds have a tendency to tear out faster than other beds. The panel beds are the best for providing the mattress with a great support and increase its lifetime. These beds are heavy to move and come in various styles and designs. They come with incorporated bookshelves and the very modern designs are amazing and a treat to the eyes. One can simply rely on the platform beds if one knows the benefits of sleeping on the floor but cannot do it because of the risk factors for dust allergies and bugs.


These platform beds are as good as the benefits one gets from sleeping on the floor. For people who have jobs that require transfer time to time or for those who do not own a house and are staying on rent then avoiding the purchase of platform bed would be recommended as these beds are difficult to be carried and some are non- detachable. Unlike platform beds, the panel beds are easy to handle and provide better air circulation through the mattress.


The panel beds are higher in height and require a whole lot of springs to support the mattress and the body. This is because it does not have the structure similar to the platform bed and hence the support entirely relies upon the spring it contains. It is good for people who change homes a lot and is easy to carry. The structure of this bed differs from model to model. The panel beds are made out of various materials and one can choose according to the taste and budget.


The pros and cons of both the types of beds can be a nice way to proceed with a calculative decision making. People tend to suffer from various medical problems and those who suffer from back pain and other disorders related to back, lower back, spine or neck are mostly prescribed with a different kind of mattress and bed. In such cases, it is always good and wise to follow the doctor’s instruction and choose things that the doctor say is right for you. For normal purchases, one can obviously surf and look for guidance and choices there so that one can invest at the right place.


  • The platform beds contain storage place in it so that one can keep the things that are not required on a daily basis. It is a good way of storing extra beddings and other things whereas the panel beds do not have any such storage options.
  • The platform beds can be carved to different designs and hence often contain bookshelves at the bedside whereas the panel beds do not contain any such bookshelves.
  • The panel beds require the purchase of spring slats, but the platform bed does not.
  • Panel beds are easy to handle whereas platform beds are heavy.
  • Platform beds are very low and hence people with backaches and spine issues may find it difficult to get up from the bed.

In order to determine and choose between platform bed and panel bed, one can go according to the budget. There is no added cost to the platform bed because it does not require a spring slat-like the panel bed does. Hence, panel bed comes with an added cost. But again, if you know that you will have to move out to some other place and carry the furniture along then sticking to panel bed would be a safer option.


In order to know more about the beds and make a wise decision one can surf online and find guidance and choices there. Websites have various feedbacks, reviews, rating, and comments that would help one in making a better decision. We learn out of others experience and hence these guide and choices there would help one to determine the best out of the lot. A wide range of options suited for every budget is available online and one can always see the available options before making a purchase. The platform beds are more prone to water and atmosphere and can be damaged early when compared to the panel bed.


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