A Quick Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

A Quick Guide To Lighting Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place where you feel completely relaxed, where you can unwind and catch up on rest and recharge your batteries. The environment you create in your bedroom is really important, and lighting plays a huge part in the overall feel of the room.

Whether your bedroom is a minimalistic ode to serenity or a cosy and eclectic mix of patterns and textures, the lighting you choose can really complement the vibe that you are going for.

In this quick guide, we will run through a few of the different elements you need to consider to make sure you get your bedroom lit to perfection.

Bedside lighting

Bedside lighting is really important, particularly if you like to read in bed. It can be a great way to create a focal point in the room too and choose a lamp that really makes a statement such as these designer offerings from Oberoi Brothers.

While you may want a soft light by your bedside for a relaxing glow, be careful to ensure you choose a light that is bright enough to avoid straining your eyes if you are reading in bed.

Another option is a wall mounted light, but make sure that you choose one where the bulb is shielded.

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Lighting Your BedroomTask lighting

As a general rule the bedroom should be a place of rest where the only activities are sleep or intimacy, however particularly in a shared house this is not always possible, and the bedroom will often double up as an office or study.

In these circumstances, task lighting will be needed, whether that be a table lamp, or perhaps a pendant light above the desk.

Or perhaps you do your makeup and get ready in your bedroom, in which case you will need to make sure you have adequate lighting that is flattering and practical. Wall mounted lighting on either side of a mirror tend to be your best bet in this situation, as you do not want to cast unflattering shadows from above.





General lighting

Of course, as in any room, you will want to have a good source of general lighting in the bedroom, whether this be from a central overhead light or natural light from a window or skylight, depending upon the time of day.

This is where choosing a bulb that is of a lower wattage or installing a dimmer switch is ideal, as you don’t want anything too bright.

With your overhead lighting, you can either get really creative and go all out (think chandeliers or vintage statement pendants) or keep things really minimalist and functional, depending on the style of your room.

We hope that this has given you some inspiration for how to create a perfectly lit bedroom that is a true sanctuary and place to recharge and relax after a long day.

If you need a little more help picturing what is possible, we really love this roundup from Houzz where pendant lighting really comes into its own in a variety of different styles!




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