Artful Sophistication of this Scandinavian Abode | Greenhatch Architects

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Nested in Thane city the 900 Sq.ft 3 BHK apartment is conceptualized with the desire of the family to have a home that strikes the perfect balance between Victorian style aesthetics and modern decor styling. A restrained material palette adds to the effect and helps compose a scandinavian abode space full of sophistication and subtle drama, furnished with a mix of modern and vintage aesthetics.

Artful Sophistication of this Scandinavian Abode | Greenhatch Architects

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The living and dining area is designed with a modern feel through patterns and shades. The living room is furnished with a gorgeous blue sofa and a striped pattern carpet which helps to break the monotony of the area. Mid-century style armchair in a light beige shade fits perfectly with the space.

Touches of neutrality are provided to the living room by the sheer curtains screened along the windows.The TV unit is finished with a backdrop of grooved charcoal panel.

Decorative mirror paneling against the dining table opens up the space, while also offering a moment of visual interest as it reflects the sculptural pendant light, the marble dining table and the beige upholstered chairs.

The gallery wall stands against the beautiful dark color highlighting the photos.

The Mom’s bedroom is defined by soft colors and subtle textures. The pastel blue foliated motifs wallpaper behind the bed lends a subtle sheen to the aesthetics. The pale blues and golds on the wall bring forth a sense of calm and regality to the room.

Cane knobs over the soft pink-colored cabinets created a sublime yet quirky statement in the bedroom. A chandelier crowned side table adds to the elegance of the room.

For the Son’s bedroom, the white walls in combination with the cream and caffe latte tones of the furniture and flooring transpires a chicness and sleekness. The headboard almost blends into the wall giving a discreet look without being too noisy or overpowering.

On the other hand, the wall lamp above the side table is a beacon of light that breaks through the walls, made of gold-plated metal and crystal glass, brightening the light white walls and cream furniture.

To add some drama, a custom designed frameless Victorian style mirror has been placed on the wall.

The guest bedroom and study room was designed for the client’s grandkids who occasionally visit them. The powerful mustard yellow ceiling in the room is both cheery and unexpected, a perfect design combination. There’s something about opening your eyes to a yellow bedroom that delivers a jolt of optimistic energy. This bedroom uses multiple patterns, colors, prints and textures to contrast the vibrant ceiling.

While a neutral backdrop of white walls and curtains keeps the space looking cohesive.  Patterned pillows covers and deep yellow throw across the bed brings a deep contrast to the plain blue bed sheet. Colorful pops of photographs hanging above the bed transforms the space. Textured metal lamp on the side table adds to the collected vibe.

Fact File

Designed by:  Greenhatch Architects

Project Type : Residence Interior Design

Project Name : The Quaint House

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 6 Months

Project Size: 900 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 18 Lac

Principal Architect: Ekta Thoke

Team Design Credits: Haridnya Bhoir, Sejal Bodke

Photograph Courtesy : Abhishek Sawant, Omkarshemadkar

Consultants for the Project

Contractor: Lallan Sharma

Products/Materials: Wallpaper: Ambiance Decor / Lighting: IKEA, White Teak Company / Furniture: Hollywood Furniture  , Ashtar / Vinyl Flooring: Show House / Paint: Asian Paints Royale / Fabrics: IKEA, Dream Decor, Harit Group / Artefacts: IKEA, Home Center

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