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A sensual Scandinavian concept that unfurls itself to vibe across a minimalistic sophistication and homey warmth! This 3 room apartment at Nepeansea road, South Mumbai, was structurally transformed into a 2BHK Apartment for a young couple and their infant by the potent team of MuseLab. The client brief elaborated on having a minimal chic residence with a timeless appeal. Accordingly, it was conceptualized as a Scandinavian pod with white walls, wooden tiles, and a neat design- all these, to be drenched in a perfectly lit and airy environment. Thus, achieving an exasperate aura in soothing Scandinavian aesthetics with elemental ornamentation!

Scandinavian Pod with White Walls, Wooden Tiles, and Neat Design | Muse LAB

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The cynosure of attention here is the creative play with the structural elements by rounding the edges to create frames and niches. They functionally define the spaces and set forth a physical boundary while letting the perceptual expand beyond the physicals. These structural grids create an aisle along with the east-facing windows; framing the in-between transitional spaces and the view beyond.

The living room is intricate with centralized seating arrangements and overlay wooden tea-pois accompanied by a tapestried ottoman. Sincerely standing tall to add to the coziness of the space, is a wall mount TV unit speaking of its neat design and soft woody surfacing. Other gestures like adding modern wall art make the space look chic and modern along with the storage units with their rounded edges to be in synchrony with the structural elements. An exemplar of an element, a texture, a surface, an experience of perfect value here is the wooden floor tiles by OrientBell. “We were specifically searching for a lighter tone of wood for the space that goes well with the colors of the walls. We used OrientBell tiles. We found the exact light tone of tiles that we were looking for”, says the designer. With their lighter tone, it works in holding all the elements into an elegant bunch while being a more functional option in the humid weather of the city than the wooden flooring.

The dining is a dapper that acts as a buffer between the living and the bedrooms. Here is a small niche outlaid with pastel blush pink tone and classic style beading, allowing itself to gleefully mismatch from the otherwise Scandinavian aesthetics. The hue adds a hint of happiness and serenity at the same time. Amidst this canvas, lies a sleek wooden table to be delighted by an over-hanging warm light. Here again, the structural elements work in defining the space and making it snugger and homier.

Ah, the spacious east-facing master suite! It has a unique design and layout that permits the furnishings to create their territories and still keep up with the vibe of the space. Here is a wainscot of base blue that wraps the room and is a quintessential backdrop to the oak wood-finished furniture. The dual-toned armchairs by the windows add to the comfiness at a perfect weekend getaway created within the room- the aisle by the east-facing window pane.

The nursery is amicably jolly and a vibrant place flooded with oodles of natural lights. It is as playful as it can get. Dominated by a blush salmon hue, a painted wainscot runs all along to end up framing the alcove that consists of the windowpane and the nursing chair. The flooring, again, is the soothingly toned wooden floor tile that also lets the space expand perceptually while adapting the space with a brilliant texture. The texture is such that it wonderfully complements the furnishings, the salmon blush pastel, the floor rugs, and the elemental toys. A wooden cot sits by the cozy corner demarcating it as the focus of the arena. To further add to this modern aesthetics, wall arts in Birch ply charm the space.

This modernly Scandinavian residence is much more than its architecture and furnishings. It is an emotion that evokes happiness and positivity; while always keeping an element of surprise. Indeed, an exemplar of a concept that weaves in the play of the natural lights to tickle the furnishings and the flooring. Moreover, the flooring has been the key element that holds all of the interior design; being the canvas that lets the other textures play along in this Scandinavian-themed abode. The beauty of these wooden flooring tiles by OrientBell is beyond a photo capture! The texture, the tone, and the feel are such that it offers a versatile and dynamic usage- for interiors as well as exteriors. For Viewers’ convenience, dropping a hint for purchase and sample ordering from OrientBell in the link below. – Pinewood Brown

Fact File

Designed By: Muse LAB

Typology: Apartment Interior Design

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Size: 1300 sq.ft.

Photography Credits : Abhishek Shah

Text Credits : Ar. Megha Hirani (The Architect’s Diary)

Products and Materials: Flooring: OrientBell Tiles | Furniture : Ikea , GulmoharLane , Ware Innovations | Furnishings : Saphed Home | Lighting : Light Tecture

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