Country House Bringing Nature Into The Built Form | Four corners

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Country House Bringing Nature Into The Built Form | Four corners

Designed in cynosure with nature, this country house brings nature into the built and built into nature. It is modern and minimal with a distinguishing material palette to dutifully amalgamate the rawness of nature into its interior spaces. It occupies a vast arena with lush green front lawns and a stone-paved path leading to the house and an exquisite gazebo. The built makes its presence felt with protruding sloping roofs and grooved white surfaces coming together to delineate a modest-looking exterior. These exteriors get accentuated with yellow lights and patterned verandas extending itself to blend with the landscape.

The gazebo settles amidst the bushy green canopied by a fabricated roof, finished in composite aluminum and abutted by a rejuvenating water body. To create cozy warm nooks within, the floor is designed at multiple levels using natural materials such as wood and granite. The use of vivid colors for furnishings not only adds to the visual delight but also accentuates the experiential aspects of the space.

An interesting triangular floor pattern in the veranda welcomes one to the living space indoors. One would grasp the raw and the enormous interiors that use a fair amount of exposed concrete variedly finished Kota stones and wood that blend to create a harmonious experience. The longitudinal walls are exposed reinforced cement concrete(RCC) creatively handled to cast in a floral pattern. The polished and the river-wash Kota flooring plays their part in segregating the living and the circular spaces. These stones extend vertically accentuating the height of the room. Furthermore, to append to the empirical aspect, the ceiling is an exposed pitched roof finished in wood.

The polished Kota stone flooring leads to a grey mono-toned space that lavishly accommodates a peripheral kitchen, a dining table with a distinguishing floor pattern and wooden ceiling, and a stair cabin. Here again, is a lateral exposed RCC wall and a longitudinal stone cladding wall that breaches itself to assimilate a wooden partition. Despite these monotones and the ceiling conjoining the space, every nook portrays their individuality- from the traditional tiling in the kitchen to the dining console with an embellishing mirror, and the wall arts.

The temperate stair-cabin nestles in an articulated stair-case. It is an RCC folded plate with wooden treads extending on either side. Climbing onto it would lead one to a desirous entertainment room with a sloping roof opening up to bring in the natural luminous through a Kadappa cladded surface. The offbeat frames on the raw RCC walls, and the exposed ceiling in this aptly proportionate space aids to the frolic mood.

The bedrooms in the house are minimally designed with playful use of materials. The bed adopts a simplified form of a cube with an expressive blue beveled headboard resting on the exposed RCC wall. All surfaces in this room differ in materials and textures- ranging from river wash Kota stone floor to the exposed concrete ceiling, the textured wall, the paneled white niche along the wall accommodating doors. One would be awestruck stepping into the dressing cum bathroom space. It draws natural light from the ceiling casting onto its textured surfaces. The furnishings here include a conventional cupboard and corresponding dressing units.

Another room has a regal interior with noticeably the river wash Kota flooring extending itself to clad the rear wall, hence complementing the plain concrete ceiling. The bed back adds a pop of color to the room with its patterns that is also followed in the flooring. The nook for resting is segregated using a wooden ceiling and Kota stone flooring detailed with Kadappa stone. The shorter wall is cladded in wood to veil behind a walking closet and a bathroom. It is a luxurious space with the roof opening up to bring in the natural light enriching the rawness of the materials.

The third bedroom takes a reverse approach. Here the nook at the entrance is demarcated using river wash Kota flooring and wood for walls and ceiling. The bed is abstracted out of a wooden cube to independently stand against the brick patterns on the exposed RCC wall. The dressing and the bathing area are monochromatic with a dash of highlighter tiles tearing in to obstruct the blunt appearance.

This country house sets an example for a perfect getaway with the seamless interiors that whole-heartedly explores varied materials with minimal designing to achieve the desired character. The efficient planning and appropriate landscaping create a splendid experience for the users.

Facts File:

Project Name: Adding colors to the Nature

Project Type: Weekend Home

Firm: Four corners

Location: Navsari, India

Year Of Completion: 2018

Principal Designers: Faiyaz Mansuri

Photography Credits: kamal bengali

Text Credit: Megha Hirani

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