Apartment In Gurgaon Has Modern, Yet Distinctly Traditional Indian Home | Project Co.

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Apartment In Gurgaon Has Modern, Yet Distinctly Traditional Indian Home | Project Co.

For this 3200 sq ft, 4 bedroom apartment in DLF Crest, Gurgaon the brief from the clients was to create a modern yet distinctly Indian family home. We wanted to highlight the natural light and utilize a combination of vintage and contemporary furnishings and accessories to pay homage to the client’s lifestyle.

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A refined entryway makes for a great first impression. For a family that entertains regularly, the entrance is the first thing visitors see and the first sight that welcomes you every day! Natural stone like Onyx is luxurious, eco friendly and can dramatically transform a space. The unique texture of onyx combined with modern lighting gives a soft glowing effect.

A mirror by the front door can help space look bigger and brighter especially if the entrance is not close to any natural light. This intricately carved mirror was sourced from local artisans in Jaipur in an attempt to tie together the feeling of a modern, yet distinctly traditional Indian home. The customized wall-mounted bench creates a feeling of instant warmth and welcoming. It was an integral part of the entrance design – the ideal spot for guests to take their shoes off when they enter- minimum square footage required!

Living Room:

We wanted to add depth and dimension to the expansive living space by varying colour intensities. While a neutral embossed wallpaper consumes the walls, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the deep blue hues that dominate the rich patterned carpet and the soft, luxe velvet sofa.

The gold detailing on the sofa is carried on to the other end of the living room in a gold geometric panel that wraps the ceiling. Instead of the traditional central chandelier we opted for elegant decorative lighting suspended from the panel and from the corners of the room.

The fireplace is an instant focal point and provided the perfect opportunity to display art. The fireplace symbolizes warmth, is intricately detailed, and matched to the adjacent neutral-toned furniture. A mixture of patterns, prints, plants, and art come together to create corners that bring joy.

Guest Bedroom:

Gold and silver play a prominent role in the surfaces and fixtures that take on a gilded finish. Shades of beige complement the hard metallics while smooth greys and creamy neutrals create the base. We have played with a neutral color palette adding textures, antique mirror paneling, and patterns to channel a warm elegance. A glamorous space yet designed for comfort and relaxation.


The fondest memories are made gathered around the dining table. The family wanted a space where they could entertain but also for daily usage and TV dinners.

The suspended pendant lighting creates a feeling of elegance and luxury. The neutral color palette extends from the adjoining living room leading to a calm and relaxed space; off-set by a darker stone top to create a feeling of intimacy.

The gold metal detailing at the base of the table lends a feeling of cohesiveness while walking in from the living room. This beautiful space is made functional by the addition of a customized L-sofa in beige and patterned wallpaper- the family often uses this space for informal gatherings and as a TV room. An antique trunk with a glass top serves as a table.

Kid’s Room:

Shades of blue take over the kid’s room giving it the required youthful feel. Blue textures & patterns are seen adorning the walls and even the bed with white ceiling  & lights to set a brighter tone of the room.

Master BedRoom:

Comprising piquant elements the guest room has a warm tone. The colour theme in the guest room is seemingly striking with nude hue and a bold rust wallpaper adorning the walls at intervals. The contrasting colour palette is a fine & subtle combination to make the stay more welcoming. Two rectangular mirrors placed adjacent to each other add a unique flair to the room. Other distinctive elements such as the carpet and curtains are individually impactful pieces adding substance to the room.


Interior design : Project Co.

Project Name: DLF Crest

Furniture: Project Co/in-house

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Carpets: Carpet Cellar

Area: 3200 sq ft

Soft furnishing: Muslin Home Decor/ Ddecor

Photography: Shreshth Sharma

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