Admirable Contrast of a Minimalist Design with Earthy Accents | Rachaita architect

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Antithetically layered with a minimalist design element and an earthy accent/ Rachaita Architect. The name of the house Sachi divija depicts the name of the daughters of the owner whose beautiful residence of 1850 sq. ft, is based out of Althan location of Surat. This imposing 3bhk apartment Is designed for six members of the Patel family. The leading space where the elevator or staircase should be highlighted has been converted into a foyer just to give a minimalistic design with natural stone and dark veneer.

Admirable Contrast of a Minimalist Design with Earthy Accents | Rachaita architect

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So Here It is in our affluent living room…
The living room is the place where most of the family members spend time. So the place has to be designed keeping all the family members in the mind. The living space is comprised of the dining area, sitting area, beautiful cornered pooja room along with library. An exploration gave the look of fluted wall panels which is the secret children’s bedroom entry, in the line to provide simplicity to the beautiful space, as a home decor placed wooden swing for relaxation purpose

The Adiyogi sculpture of siporex block is placed in the drawing room to reflect the yogi culture’s positivity and it helps to provide method to evolve human consciousness that is relevant for all times. This is a unique and the most significant aspect of this culture.

The drawing room has a Surya namaskar twelve pose clock which increases the charm and is forward-looking it has a beautiful Italian top dining table of eight seating, it gives the cultured voice with its rich accent.

So now let’s take a step toward the kitchen…
The kitchen in your home is a place where people gather, where you craft delicious meals, and where you enjoy family time. The kitchen top is of granite which gives immense look to the space and to highlight the entire cabinet for that we gave substantial shelve for the crockery.

So Here It is in our Children’s bedroom…
Furnishing and artful décor pieces of children’s room with a view of galaxy ceiling light help to experience space so that dream to become scientist come true, the window is designed in an elegant manner in the shape of sitting which is keeping this room interconnected zone.The Stretch ceiling gives an authentic look that visualizes the impeccable design by the boundaries of our imagination.

So Here It is in our Parent’s bedroom…
Parents’ bedroom color helps to create an atmosphere of coziness and security with two window seating which saves space. The minimalistic style and the refined earthy color give a spark of a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger.

So Now let’s enter the Master bedroom…
After a tiring day and entering into a silent blue-colored master bedroom for cooling and astringent effect for peace of mind. Adding a blue color is the easiest way to add warmth to a pleasing bedroom. Pillow is the comfort piece and the beautiful Roman curtain gives simplicity to its best.

When talking of luxury, the interior of the house is what makes the difference and gives you a unique look. Many of them find luxury in minimalist design. The aesthetics of the house is the deciding feature. This house is made up of an architect’s plan which will be lived and breathed from generation to generation.

Fact File

Designed by: Rachaita architect

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Sachi divija

Location: Surat, Gujrat.

Year Built: 2020

Duration of project: 7 Months

Project Size: 1850 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Ashvin Dobaria & Akash Dobaria

Team Design Credits: Nidhi rabadiya

Photograph Courtesy: Chetan Jain

Firm’s Website Link: Rachaita architect

Firm’s Instagram Link: Rachaita architect

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