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A Weekend Home Reflecting Modernism And Minimalism | DE’ CAVES BY CHITTE ARCHITECTS

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‘Floating Boxes’ is a weekend home reflecting modernism and minimalism, located on the outskirts of Vadodara city in Gujarat. The weekend house gives its residents the chance to escape from everyday busy life and so the project has a sensitive and sustainable approach.

A Weekend Home Reflecting Modernism And Minimalism | DE’ CAVES By Chitte Architects

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The farm is widely spread with approximately 65,000 square feet area. It is an open plan with a ‘symmetrical’ planning and massing of only ground floor level. The entrance open up to a humongous ‘square-arched’ gateway and one can witness the ‘green horizon’ dissolving into the landscape. Thus, with just 8% of built-up the entire site feels like a built form surrounded by chunks of ‘greenery’ from all the sides.

It was quite challenging for the architects while designing and planning as the front façade was to be kept away from the road, facing towards the ‘lawn ground’, but it faced southern side and also, the client did not want to cut down any of the existing trees.

The building is elevated from ground floor level and the ‘Masonry Boxes’ are cantilevered to create a ‘floating’ illusion. There is softness and firmness in the formation of built masses which makes it appear light weighted. The façade highlights the central cuboid and summing up the adjoining ones on the either sides, which complements its volume while adding up perpetuality to the spaces.

The diagonal prefabbed structural members with clear glass glazing are used to prevent the glare and provide a protection layer for the birds. The trees placed on the south-western side provide a good screening and ventilation to the entire arena.

Accordingly, there is a resemblance in the organization of the spaces by placing bedroom on the either sides of central cuboidal room, which is solely used for the entertainment purpose. The ‘sunken’ family seating becomes the nucleus of the weekend house, with a centrally placed ‘square’ cut out in the slab for sky light, so that the room remains lighted throughout the day.

The bedrooms are lavishly designed while following the concept of ‘less is more’, and hence the colour pallet of pure white finish and tree texture is selected to give a calming and tranquilizing feel.

The material and colour pallet is inspired from ‘industrial interior’ which majorly consists of ‘concrete burnished’ walls and dark wood textures with colours popping out, so as to keep the essence of the “present-day”. The furniture and artefacts are assorted and contemporized and kept movable to make the design more functional and efficient.

Some of the ‘eye catching’ facets in this project include a fixed bar unit with ‘back lighted’ stone and exposed ‘red-brick’ herringbone patterned wall, “take anywhere” movable white TV unit, the ‘dive into thoughts’ cozy corner, the ‘aisles’ for all the co-curricular activities and a ‘cable suspended’ wooden deck serving as a recreational space.

This ‘temporary stay’ house by “De’ Caves by Chitte Architects”, is designed purely for the residents to create memories and spent time with their family and rejuvenate themselves from their hectic schedule into the ‘lap’ of the nature.


Designed by : DE’ CAVES By Chitte Architects

Project Type : Farm House / Weekend Home

Project Name : Floating Boxes

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat-390006

Year Built : 2020

Duration of Project : 2019-2020

Plot Area : 65,000 Sq.Ft.

Built up : 3195 Sq.Ft.

Project Size : 2605 Sq.Ft.

Project Cost : 1.3 Cr.

Principal Architects :  Ar. Devendra Chitte, Ar. Parth Chitte & I.D. Vishal Chitte

Team Design Credits : Ar. Parita Mathukia, Ar. Dipal Shah, Ar. Mansi Gadkari , Ar. Rati Kanetkar, Ar. Rudra Patel, Ar. Devanshi Siddhpura, Ar. Abdeali Amreliwala & Ar. Rohit Mehta.

Photograph Courtesy : Pixellus Photography

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Concrete, Glass Façade, Metal Facade / Wallcovering / Cladding – Expose Brick Work / Lighting – Hybec Lightings / Doors and Partitions – Veneer Finish Sanitaryware – Kohler / Facade Systems – Glass And MS, Indo Wood (Rear) / Windows – German Aluminum Sections / Furniture – All Customized / Flooring – Kota, Yellow Jaisalmer Stone, Nexion Tile Kitchen – Brick And Kota / Paint – Cement Base / Artefacts – Assorted / Hardware – Hettich, Hafele.

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