• A Residence That Brims With Understated Opulence, Grandeur and Elements Of Contemporary Interior Design | Archstudio18

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    The homeowners aspired to own a safe haven that they could call their “home”. Keeping this in mind, Gagan, the principal architect of Archstudio18  proceeded to create a residence that brims with understated opulence, grandeur and elements of contemporary interior design. They had previously resided in their ancestral house and hence intended a home that was both historic and contemporary. Consequentially, this residence is a fusion of regal, chic, and traditional architecture. It’s a home that would narrate its owner’s story.

    A Residence That Brims With Understated Opulence, Grandeur and Elements Of Contemporary Interior Design | Archstudio18

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    In order to enhance floor integration, the design style used was a bit classical using cornices, moldings, hence adding an European touch too. Warm colours give a bright tinge of effect to the house . Carefully designed space to bring all the comfort in such a small place whether its being about connecting to nature or having privacy at times when needed.  Colors were selected keeping surroundings in mind.

    The residence opens to living area with grey and ivory tones. The mellow styles and suede upholstery emphasize the home’s royal, comfortable aesthetic. This area has a spotless, sophisticated, and timeless appearance. The color design is a peculiar mix of myriad color tones and natural wood as the primary material, giving the space an organic experience. White is a significant choice since it celebrates the magnificence that symbolizes the homeowner’s freedom of thought.

    Adding a Satvario marble finish to the table top harpens the whole room and adds a majestic touch. The seating arrangement is done facing the tv unit, which is meticulously done in a rich combination of marble and Pu polish.Against a monochromatic theme, this apartment features basic, sleek, and stylish décor components. Color tones, like a breath of fresh air, match the classic finishes throughout the home, while thoughtful window placement shines upon the living room with natural light and airflow.

    A family that eats together, stays together – A maxim that underlines the significance of Dining Area in a home.  The dining area is adorned with custom designed dining table and chairs by the designers in a contemporary style.

    Green Suede puffed seats with this mesmerising green italian table top enhances to give it an opulent vibe. The walls have added the charm of traditional designing used to give a sense of harmony .

    Country Side Kitchen :The hues of cappuccino with ivory touch revitalize the country side concept kitchen and bring in some positive wisdom. The kitchen was designed with an open balcony to allow natural light to enter the kitchen.

    Fluted glass partition element was added to the mandir and kitchen entrances to allow natural light to flood in and give a modern minimalistic touch to the residence.

    The Daughter’s Room : The daughter’s room is an enchanting mix of pinks, whites & gold metal. The headboard is gorgeously designed using leather fabric. The neutral toned closet stands tall & elegant with the concealed handles.

    Design style used in this residence was a fusion of regal, chic, and traditional architecture. Every room reflects the aesthete’s tastes and channelizes their narrative. Despite its bijou size, we designed a home with top-notch style, grace, and utility. The furniture was a bespoke creation to reflect the style and personality of the owners.

    Opposite the closet are dressing unit and seating on either sides. Terrazo Marble used in the back with a lighting element .The art work, sculptures and accessories provided come from the architect’s travel collection from around the world.

    Guest Room : The ivory and the bright room , this country side guest room of the house has a mesmerizing tone of shades. With ivory , we have used the light tone of gold metal , cappuccino and sprinkling of walnut to give a rich and a sophisticated look.

    The grid paneled headboard adds a simple and elegant touch to the room with minimal light fixtures adorning it. 

    The attached bathroom with the room has a French inlook, which perfectly complements the white country side room.

    The Master Bedroom : The master bedroom is designed to feel and simple yet sophisticated. With fine edges, few floral carvings and a half mirror wardrobe, the black shade thrive the room with its radiance and dynamism.  The wardrobe and the TV unit facing the bed were designed to look like a classical detail with a matt polished veneer.

    The warmth was added with a eucalyptus veneer styled with brass inserts as the bed back with the pattern same followed on each of the sides .  The reflective nature of the surfaces works truly well in responding to and distributing the day light falling upon.

    Apart from that, the elements as beautiful as mirrors are creatively put in places to accentuate the scale of the space. Such sample houses with minimal interventions and soothing hues are sure to appeal to a wider set of design admirers. Indeed, a highly satisfactory design by the design team led by Ar. Gagan.

    Conceptually the design approach was to maintain the modernity in design language through its material and color palate and bring the traditional side of the family into the spaces through elements. The idea was to translate the exuberance of the family in the spaces using different compositions of shapes, reflective finishes, and a splash of bold colors; while keeping the base pallet minimalistic.


    Designed by : Archstudio18

    Project Type : Residential interiors

    Project Name : AUM ‘OM’

    Location : : Lic Colony Paschim Vihar New Delhi

    Year Built : 2022 To 2023

    Duration of project : 6 Months

    Project Size : 1800 sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx : 30 lacs

    Principal Architect : Ar.Gagan Mahana

    Team Design Credits : Nutan Kumar  

    Photograph Courtesy : Harsh Nigam

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Finishes  – Icapidilite / Wallcovering / Cladding  – Ventura / Construction Materials – Locally Sourced / Lighting – Jainsons Lights / Doors and Partitions – Duroply / Sanitaryware – Kohler india / Facade Systems – Art and glass / Windows – Art and glass / Furniture – Glamour Furnishers / Flooring – Ahluwalia Marbles / Kitchen – On site / Paint – Asian Paints / Hardware – Hafele India.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Archstudio18


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