• “The Bachelor Pad”, A 2BHK Contemporary Home In Mumbai | Interior space by Druvi Sonawala

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    Nestled in the bustling city, “The Bachelor Pad”, a 2BHK contemporary home in Mumbai is a residence for two brothers in their teenage years. The clients came with a brief of a space that could be as social as it could be Private. The brief for this 950 sq.ft space was enhanced further and translated into a space to unwind, socialize and be multi-functional in nature. The design explores spaces as narratives. They have developed along with the project, with constant discussions with the clients, their aesthetics, and functional requirements.

    “The Bachelor Pad”, A 2BHK Contemporary Home In Mumbai | Interior space by Druvi Sonawala

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    The design approach was to reflect the Personality of the clients into the spaces. The abode seeks to express ‘Maximalism’ with its materials, textures, and accents of colours to create a ‘Paradise of Leisure and Fun.’ The layout allows to define the Public and the private areas separately, while the transitional areas are minimized to allow more habitable spaces.

    The public and private areas are crafted with symphony of materials along with elements that are prominent and give character to individual areas. The arts and accessories help to create a unison in the design language.

    The approach to the residence is warm and creates a sense of ‘Zen’ further leading to the public spaces, that unfold themselves with their multifunctionality and transparency, blending in materials, functions, and forms.

    Hues of Whites and Beige are predominant on walls, while soft furnishings allow a play of colors. The bachelor pad provided with an opportunity to re-think functionality of a Living area.

    Marble prominently used in the flooring complements the Veneer paneling used in the Living and Pantry space. The Pantry space is an attempt to experiment with materials and textures by integrating veneer backdrop against a Terrazzo breakfast counter casted on site, thus complementing the space. Retaining the functional requirements, the pantry with its glass partition allows transparency and seamless connectivity with the central areas.

    Apart from its primary function, the nature of the space allows it to be a seamless transitional space extending up to the balcony which is infused with natural light.The client’s, avid followers of the sport wanted to have the custom-made pool table as a congregative element for the abode. Located centrally between the pantry and social space, the pool table acts as a node of social gatherings and a medium to rejuvenate amidst the schedules of an urban city.

    The private spaces are as distinctive as the clients. The bedroom for the elder brother, is bold in its appeal yet infuses tranquilness with its tonalities. Fabrics in shades of Tan, Wood and Glass reflect the user and his wholesomeness.

    Master bedroom for the elder one features tones of warmth with accents of colours to craft a ‘Suave’ space. A tinted glass wardrobe becomes the focal point of the space and blends in with the Tan upholstered headboard, thus complementing the aesthetics and introducing an element of Color pop to the bedroom’s character.

    The space crafted in a St. Laurent Marble tile along with the Wooden tile creates the primary palette. The bathroom is further accentuated with fluted vanity shutters and matt black fixtures to create a statement in its tonalities.

    The Master bedroom for the younger client has more cooler tones that resonate with its user, a passionate footballer and an energetic individual. His requirements to play with bold Colours were complemented with a ‘wall mural’ introducing a sense of play to the space.

    The abode has subtle gestures of forms, artworks and patterns that flow in every space. Masons and artisans were involved with In-situ works of Furniture’s and Carpentry. Within its urban context, the house in its true essence that celebrate Youthfulness.

    The study area for the younger client is minimal in its approach yet enhances the spatial quality. With artifacts, storage options and subtle accent of color, the study completes the bedroom with its function and requirements.

    The bathroom in its beige tones is a shift from the cooler tones of the bedroom, yet retaining the element of ‘Play’ with its feature wall in glass mosaics, combined with a mirror and basin in organic shapes.


    Designed by : Interior space by Druvi Sonawala

    Project Type : Residential Interior

    Project Name : The Bachelor Pad

    Location : Santacruz, Mumbai

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : 9 Months

    Project Size : 950 Sq.ft

    Principal Designer : Druvi Sonawala

    Photograph Courtesy : Manish Malli

    Interior Styling – Micasa Atelier

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Veneer – Veneer Spot, Tiles – Glitorium / Wallcovering / Cladding – Marble Cladding – Aakash Marbles, Wallpaper / Furnishings – Landmark /Sanitaryware –Jaquar / Furniture – Wardrobe – Elementra Kitchens & more / Flooring – Marble Flooring – Classic Marble Company / Paint – ICA PU Paint, Asian paints / Artefacts – IKEA, Satguru’s – Indian Art & Home Decor Store Khar / Carpets – D’décor.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Interior space by Druvi Sonawala


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