New Interior Design Style: Metal Mesh Curtains and Space Division

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Metal mesh curtain and space partition

In the field of interior design, decoration products used for space division abound, such as screens, curtains, glass walls and so on. As a new type of decorative product, the metal mesh curtain adds a design style to the creativity of indoor partitions.

Metal mesh curtains, also known as chain mesh curtains, is usually used for indoor partitions and ceilings, as well as decorations such as wall decorations, screens and windows. It can be used in airport stations, hotels, museums, decorative concert halls, office buildings, and exhibitions. Widely used in halls, shopping centers and other places.

However, metal mesh curtains are still the most widely used indoors, especially for large-sized space partitions or front decorations, or small-area partial decorations, and the installation method is simple and convenient.

The partition of the large space uses metal mesh curtains, cold metal and dreamlike light echo each other, creating an atmosphere full of culture and high fashion, each metal mesh curtain is lit. This combination makes us see the hidden in the screen “art” symbol. Of reticulate metal wire hangs down the line that feels and coriaceous metope perfect confluence.

It is looming, and sparks will collide between the same colors, which shows the three-dimensional decoration of the overall space, elegant, thorough, simple and generous visual effects. Such metal mesh curtains are calm, low-key, sometimes domineering, and always have a sense of unpredictable mystery. But it is this strong contrast that makes it unique, and its tone creates an elegant and luxurious modern space.

The most popular metal mesh curtain is the brass color, which creates a retro or gorgeous feeling. There are many commonly used effects, but they are not amazing enough. More colors such as golden yellow, burgundy, purple, bright black, pure white, etc, can cater to different design schemes to create a more unique design style. Learn more about the characteristics of metal mesh curtains and other indoor metal decorative mesh products can be found in Dongfu Wire Mesh.

Precautions for installation of metal mesh curtain:

1. The installation of metal mesh curtains is closely related to the size, and it is necessary to determine the size and effect of use.

Generally, metal mesh curtains are manufactured according to the size measured under tension and can be manufactured to a size as large as the size provided. If you use a hanging installation or need a wave effect or a folding effect, the material size will be consumed, so if you don’t want to install the tightening effect, you should budget the size.

2.Metal mesh curtains are made of metal materials and can only be deformed when hit by hard objects such as table corners or angle irons.

Due to the special ductility of metal materials, even if the metal material is deformed, it can continue to be used normally as long as it is slightly restored with a tool. Therefore, as long as you pay attention to installation and use, it will not cause damage.

3.In addition, metal materials are easily corroded by acids and alkalis, so it is best not to install them in an acid and alkali environment.