A Juxtaposed Abode Of Subtle Elegance | Design Studio

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A Juxtaposed Abode Of Subtle Elegance | Design Studio

Stories are a way of describing an event in the development of something. In other words, stories give an insight about a process in an engaging format. One such tale of a home design, described by the designer, Miss Aishwarya Dixit takes us through the home, giving us a glance of the overall feeling.

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Here, the story unveiling the beauty of a design is merely a juxtaposition of modern and classic, giving a feel of subtle elegance. “The key was to design a modern house with a classic touch. We started our thought process with this very concept and aimed to derive a modern classic space,” explains Aishwarya while giving the insights of the design.

It was a 3BHK apartment, which was spacious enough to allow flexibility to its users. The house opens up into the living area, followed by dining and kitchen space in connection. Nestled in the center of the living room was chesterfield sofa, a type which represents classical styles. On the other hand, the center table was very elegantly designed in modern form. The wall behind the sofa was beautifully crafted out of wooden panel giving a classic look. And the inlay of brass patty on both sides of this wall creates an example of modern touch into the classic. Again the pair of Cow Pichwai paintings, sitting on the main wall, steals the show.

Adding to the alluring design was the wall with TV unit, which acted as a contrasting element in the overall space. This being the highlighting panel, it was created with simple white lacquer with intrinsic brass inlay and walnut wood TV unit. Thus, all the elements sing together in harmony to make the space look as one entity.

The marvelous interiors formed an unembellished material and colour palette. “The story of living area in connection with dining and kitchen creates euphoria, bringing every space into the center of attraction,” says Aishwarya in excitement while narrating the design tale. The kitchen and dining area are a combination of white paint finishes with grey lacquer. The walnut finish veneer created a relationship with the other spaces and the theme whereas, the upholstery and tapestry were creating a pop of colour in the overall space. This pop was showcased in royal blue and teal making the whole space look lively.

The dining space being center of attraction was marking its statement. The classic wall panel with modern grey colour, Italian stone table top with brass leg and Royal blue chairs is what describes a perfect fusion of modern with classic.

The story further continues from semi-private spaces to private ones called bedrooms. All the bedrooms are kept as minimal as possible. The first one being a guests abode, the design was centered around lighter shades. White, light grey and teal blue shades were combined to create this particular bedroom. The bed as a furniture unit was enhanced with the pop of teal blue colour. The walls were derived in modern classic geometry, following the language from the living room. Rest of the room was left white, making it clear that the bed was an emphasizing element. The lighting fixtures here were the essence of modern style.

The second room was a combination of white, grey and ocher yellow. Keeping it minimal, this room was focused on highlighting the upholstery and tapestry of the space. The use of wood in the furniture like side tables, wardrobe and even ceiling allowed the space to follow similar language. The placement of mirror was so done that it acted as a reflective element in the space, making the area look bigger. The use of colour in fabrics allowed to form contrast in the room. The use of corrugated panel from bed back to ceiling enhanced the space, followed by the brass legs of bed & side table and modern lamps in brass finishes.

The last bedroom was a combination to look for. Royal blue bed back to lacquer finish walls, everything was worth admiring. The wall language to amalgamation of colours was maintaining the theme of the whole house. The teal blue frame of the paintings on main wall and the royal blue head board were highlighting colours of the room. Thus, the basic concept was to mix two things but in a manner that it will not look very loud.

The whole house was treated as a white canvas, on which different layers were added to create a space of subtle elegance. The spatial organization of the apartment allowed free flow of the space with defining functionality. When looked at the house overall, there is ample amount of natural light creating advantage to design. The ambience was enhanced with indirect lights during the day and decorative lightning fixtures like wall lights and hanging lights followed by. The design allows maximum penetration of natural light, giving breathing space to all the rooms.

Staying in a classical home gives a homely feel. The idea was not to design but to create a space which can accept the routine and merge with the daily chores.  This home is all about its rich experiential quality. The intention was to design a comfortable and a grounded dwelling for the clients to live and thrive in. It is an anecdote of loud yet muted collective.


Design By– Design Studio

Project Name: Courtyard Towers – 3BHK

Project Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Built-up Area: 1088 sq. ft.

Principal Architect: Ar. Ruchir Sheth

Design Team: Aishwarya Dixit

PMC: Imtiyaz Bhana & Dipan Prajapati – Courtyard Group

Project Duration: 4 Months

Year: 2020

Photography – Darshan dave (Architecture Photographer)

Text: Vibhuti Sorathia

Website: http://www.dsarchitect.in/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesignStudio81/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/associatesdesignstudio/

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