• 20 Polychromatic Office Interior Design Ideas Adding Fresh Takes On Typical Work Environments

    Nowadays workplaces are adapting vast changes in terms of design to be more open and break the stereotypical office look. As the workspaces are evolving, people are not shying away from experimenting with colors. Using numerous colors can be tricky yet highly impactful if balanced. Here are twenty examples of office interior design ideas where they have boldly incorporated polychromatic themes.

    1. Trigent offices | Studio Node

    Trigent offices is a great example of a vibrant work place, located in one of the most diverse cities of India, Bangalore. This nine thousand square foot area features bold flooring patterns as you walk around from one space to another. Whether it is a wall or floor, all spaces generate an interesting sight with its color combinations and motivational graphics. As you enter into the reception area, a sense of energy captures you with dramatic patterns from the grey marble floor, complimented by touch of red on the wall.

    2.The line office | Mira design studio

    The line office, designed by Mira design studio is located in Bangalore, India. The entire office has white walls and a white ceiling which putting the polychromatic flooring into the spotlight. All spaces are connected through full-height clear glasses and minimal furniture designs. Three thousand square feet filled with subtle yet colorful graphics and geometrical elements is what the line office represents. Being a marketing and sales office for a builder, incorporating an exhibitory apartment structure presenting actual fixtures used in homes is a clever idea.

    3. Bombay Shirt Company | MuseLAB

    Bombay Shirt Company by MuseLAB is an office space that is industrial and eclectic yet warm and traditional. As you enter, the spaces are inviting with its rustic walls and perforated ceiling in contrast with modern furniture and eclectic patterned rug on a multicolor graphical floor. The entire office is designed as a co-working space with large tables and open cozy surroundings with traditional shapes and colorful fabrics.

    4. Advantech Aircon | ASAC

    This office space is designed with an open floor plan where the balance of the muted floors and walls are contrasting with the subtle color balance of the furnishings. Also, the plants add a touch of a green and fresh look to the grey mass. Besides the striking green color, the plants also benefit from filtering air quality inside the workspaces. The spaces offer a well-balanced color palette of bright shades in the partitions, puffs, and little details such as peripheral traditional motif tiles on the floor below the central meeting table.

    5. RSVP offices | Minnie Bhatt Design

    RSVP is a movie direction office where the designers were inspired by the films and created drama within simple and clean lines with modern aesthetics. Here, the colors are used in various ways such as; in the screens transparent films of tinted blues and bright bold colors in the furnishings make the spaces come alive. The flooring geometry is exaggerated through wooden grid in-between the tiles. Colorful details of table tops and ceiling elements also add drama to the modern look.

    6. Bank Novo Offices | Ishita Mehul Architects

    Bank Novo is a digital banking company where the client wanted to create a contemporary space to provide inclusive co-working environment. One of the most interesting aspect of this office interiors is the drastic contrast of color palette from work spaces leading to recreational spaces. The work spaces have chevron pattern flooring with grey and black whereas the cafeteria and play area offers bright colors on the walls.

    7. All automatic offices | Openideas Architects

    The office is for a technology company, founded by three partners who wanted to incorporate their personalities through the interiors. Also, to create spaces that are functional as well as a base of experimentation for the firm’s hi-tech products. The entire workplace is designed to be well integrated with open cutouts, letting the natural light and landscape merge into the built environment. Even after using numerous colors and heavy patterns in paintings and furniture fabrics, the entire space reflects a fine balance due to the natural elements.

    8. NBA offices | M Moser Associates

    As you might have already imagined, the NBA offices required to have a fun and sporty work environment. The office bleeds blue as a dominating color in all the spaces, enhanced by the mat grey flooring. The workspace showcases colorful merchandise to intensify the energy of basketball throughout the entire office. One of the highlights is the players’ image and profiles printed on the doors. Besides workspace, the entire area offers integration of multipurpose spaces, a play area, and event space which were important to the brief of providing a happy and dynamic environment.

    9. Aicl Communications | SAV Architecture + Design

    The brief to design the new aicl office emphasized the future of workspaces and how to update the typical nine to five environment. The area explores an open floor layout with a considerable height, exposed ceiling, and colorful interiors blending with the industrial soul of the space. The colors are used cleverly to add fresh sights and experiences to all the spaces. Especially a touch of orange in the base of the work tables pops besides the natural light coming through large windows. Also, the intimate niches are adding oomph by using bright solid colors in each one of those. 

    10. Browserstack | Space Matrix

    Space Matrix has designed an open floor layout office for Browserstack that explores numerous interesting and cozy corners with polychromatic palette of seating, furniture, and cheerful wallpapers in work spaces.

    11. Microsoft offices | DSP Design Associates

    Microsoft offices designed by DSP Design Associates takes inspiration from the concept city scapes of Hyderabad.  This office breaks the typical planning and connects each space as junctions of the streets. The spaces flow with its unconventional choice of materials and mix of multi colors entertaining the sight. Each space is well defined with a distinctive color that are further complimented with similar shades and patterned fabrics.  

    12. Workwild co working | Liquid Space Studio

    Liquid Space Studio has created a vibrant work environment in Workwild co-working spaces in Hyderabad. As soon as you enter, a sizable ‘hello’ sign welcomes you with a bright blue and subtle white color block graphic partition in the background.  The space is spread on a twenty three thousand square foot area with bold and colorful graphics to catch your attention. Whether it’s the walls or the floor and furniture, every element sparks energy in the employees as well as the visitors.

    13. Traveloka | Zyeta

    As per the evolvement of work cultures across the nation, traveloka has also adapted an open layout and friendly co-working environment. Zeta studio has designed this office to be a collaborative approach for the employees along with maximum naturally lit areas. The interiors are in harmony with the choice of colors used in furniture, mural walls, flooring, and furnishings. Each space in the office offers a different visual treat through bright colors in contrast to grey backgrounds.

    14. Helloyellow | Humming tree

    A striking color blocked dynamic workspace is the Helloyellow office by Humming tree. The clients wanted a minimal and eccentric approach where the work environment should be enjoyable and ample amount of daylight is welcomed. The designers took inspiration from art galleries to cater to this brief. As a result, space is pumped with bright yellow on one side and contradicting black on the other. Colorful yet minimalistic spaces are formed along with minimal furnishings.

    15. Blending textures | Squelette Designs

    Blending textures is a capacitor manufacturing company office, designed by Sequelette Designs. “The interiors were molded to give a snapshot of company’s work which is to manufacture capacitors,” says the designers. The materials and color palette offers dark to light gradation in the average height space with an exposed grey ceiling. Besides the wooden screens, depicting capacitors, the bright tones are in harmony with the warmth of wood and stark concrete.

    16. DPA Design studio | Dhaval Patel Architects

    DPA design studio is an architectural firm where they wanted to create a fuss-free space with no boring corners. The main focus was to consider the space carefully to optimize the area as efficiently as possible. The design started with a basic idea of generating maximalist style pockets with various levels and offering each space its unique identity. All spaces have colorful amalgamation of textures, colors, furnishings, and plantations.

    17. Maruti trading office | Inclined Studio

    This trending business office is spread across six hundred square foot canvas, where one of the major priorities was to optimize the space to its full extent. Hence, the entire space is designed with a low seating sofa yet incorporating bold colors within. This polychromatic scheme works along with the clever idea of verticality on the walls and open-cell ceiling that adds volume. 

    18. Tapiyawala Offices | P & D Associates

    When the client gave all the freedom to design this small office space, the designers came up with extraordinary results. The client had a minimal requirement for space. As a result, the office became a visually impactful and colorful space. The color combination for this office is inspired by the winter theme.

    19. Grundfos Pumps | Curious Case Of Design

    The clients at Grundfos pupmps wanted the office renovation into a space that is energetic and a famous company look. Also, to add more greenery in the work environment. The planimetry is designed in a way where the central area is occupied by the employees and the corners for meeting spaces. The entire office is refreshed with blue color frames and enhanced through terrazzo flooring of white tile and black chips.

    20. Pre-school office | Mind Manifestation

    Pre-school office designed by Mind Manifestation is definitely an impressive first sight as you enter. The office is supposed to be a fun and entertaining space for children as well as a visual treat for parents. The playful structure is inspired by Lego blocks in bright blue shades, complimented by blue and white mosaic flooring. The main cabin also features mix of bright colors and black and white graphical flooring.  

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