• TADstories With Ar. Deep Sakhare | Barakhadee Studio

    Ar. Deep Sakhare, the founder of Barakhadee Studio, shares his passion for architecture and design which entwines with the admiration for travelling.

    Barakhadee Studio is an architectural and interior design studio, founded by Ar. Deep Sakhare in the city of Pune in Maharashtra. The firm focuses on approaching every project with a new perspective and fresh ideas.

    Barakhadee Studio founder

    What is the story of your passion for design? 

    My passion for design took root in childhood, nurtured by a fascination with shapes and colors. As I grew, so did my curiosity, leading me to explore the world of design across various disciplines. Alongside my creative journey, I found myself drawn to travel, seeking inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes. These experiences enriched my understanding of design, infusing my work with fresh perspectives and cultural influences. Today, my passion for design is intertwined with my love for exploration. This drives me to create meaningful and impactful solutions that resonate globally.

    What pushed you to commence your own interior design studio – Barakhadee Studio?

    My education in architecture with my travel experiences, I was inspired to start an architectural & Interior design firm. My architectural background provides a strong foundation in design principles and spatial planning, while my travels expose me to diverse cultures and architectural styles. This unique blend allows me to approach projects with a fresh perspective, integrating elements from different cultures and architectural traditions. Leveraging my architectural education, I aim to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of the users and the environment. With this combination of education and experience, I am excited to establish a firm, Barakhadee Studio, that delivers innovative and impactful solutions.

    Interior design

    Journey of the Design Process!

    Could you write in short about the philosophy you go with when designing a certain project?

    My design philosophy emphasizes functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. I strive to create spaces that are not only beautiful and practical but also environmentally conscious. By integrating these principles, I aim to deliver designs that enhance both the user experience and environmental well-being.

    Living room design by Barakhadee studio

    What is the inspiration behind your concept developments and design ideations?

    I find inspiration in nature, art, culture, and technology for my design concepts. By blending elements from these diverse sources, I create innovative and holistic designs that resonate with users and reflect the latest advancements in the field. Art and culture provide endless sources of creativity and innovation, influencing everything from color palettes to architectural motifs.

    Additionally, advancements in technology inspire me to explore new possibilities in design, whether it’s incorporating smart systems or experimenting with cutting-edge fabrication techniques. Ultimately, my goal is to create designs that resonate with people on a visceral level while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the built environment.

    With online platforms showcasing a variety of trends, how did you decide on your signature style amidst the ever changing trends?

    In navigating the plethora of online trends, I prioritize authenticity and client-centric design over fleeting fads. While I stay informed about emerging trends and draw inspiration from them, I remain true to my design ethos and the needs of my clients. By honing in on timeless design principles and understanding the unique preferences and requirements of each project, I develop a signature style that transcends trends. This approach ensures that my designs are not only visually appealing but also enduring and reflective of my clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

    Kitchen interior by Barakhadee studio

    What values do you prioritize in your life and how do they reflect in your way of work?

    In my life and work, I prioritize integrity, discipline ,consistency, creativity, collaboration, and sustainability. These values shape my design approach, fostering trust, innovation, teamwork, and environmental consciousness in every project.

    Bedroom interior by Barakhadee studio

    Sneak peek into the projects done by Barakhadee Studio.

    Could you share the story of a project which has truly challenged you go beyond your conventional style of design?

    The Wave House project posed a unique challenge as the client desired a fusion of modern and traditional elements. Embracing this vision, we incorporated innovative design solutions, including the use of traditional materials like livestock dung alongside modern features such as a modular kitchen. Integrating natural stones further enhanced the aesthetic appeal, achieving a harmonious balance between old-world charm and contemporary flair. This project exemplifies our commitment to creativity and versatility in design, resulting in a space that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

    With the technological advancements, which is the one tool you feel is a blessing to deal with design challenges?

    One standout tool that comes to mind is computer-aided design (CAD) software. CAD has completely transformed the design process across various industries, from architecture to product design.

    What role do you think a well designed interior space has on the users mood and workability and how do you achieve it in your designs?

    A well-designed interior space can significantly impact users’ mood and productivity. To achieve this in my designs, I prioritize user-centered design, attention to detail, integration of biophilic elements, creation of flexible spaces, and consideration of lighting and acoustics.

    Bedroom design by Barakhadee studio

    Considering the wide range of materials available today, how do you choose the right material palette which aligns with your design language and the client aspirations?

    I choose the right material palette by understanding the design language and client aspirations. Considering functionality and durability, balancing aesthetics and practicality, creating visual harmony, and remaining open to experimentation and innovation.

    Living room interior by Barakhadee studio

    Beyond Design!

    Apart from designing, which are other hobbies that inspire you to keep going?

    Engaging in hobbies such as traveling, reading, exploring art, enjoying outdoor activities. Additionally, immersing myself in music and films enriches my life and inspires my design work in various ways.

    Which aspect of interior designing brings you the sense of fulfilment?

    Among the various aspects of interior designing, creating lighting schemes brings me a profound sense of fulfillment. Lighting is a fundamental element that can dramatically transform the ambiance and functionality of a space. Designing lighting schemes involves carefully considering factors such as natural and artificial light sources, fixture selection, placement, and control systems. Also, enhancing the visual comfort, highlight architectural features, and create desired atmospheres.

    The ability to shape how light interacts with a space to evoke specific moods, emphasize focal points, and enhance usability is incredibly rewarding. It’s immensely satisfying to see how well-designed lighting can elevate the overall design concept, improve the user experience, and ultimately, positively impact the lives of the occupants

    Looking ahead in the future, what are some of the commitments to yourself to help you grow as an individual?

    My commitments to personal growth include continuous learning, self-reflection, healthy habits, embracing challenges, building meaningful relationships, giving back, and balancing work and life.

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