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A renovation project where we joined two 2bhk flats to make a 4bhk Luxurious House! Initially, the two apartments were connected through bedrooms. The biggest challenge for them was this. We reduced the size of 2 bathrooms and paved a passage which did not disturb the bedrooms now. This passage could be accessed directly from the living room hence keeping public and private spaces apart. I’m the earlier layout the kitchen was too small to cater to a family of 5. In the new layout we converted one bedroom into a massive kitchen and used the washroom connected to that room as the dry balcony.

A 4bhk Luxurious House | Ikigai Studio

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The living room of the second apartment has been converted into the sons bedroom. Here we have constructed a new washroom. Because of this new washroom the bedroom has got a beautiful entrance lobby where we introduced some aesthetic storage solutions. The wooden flooring in all bedrooms give them a cozy look.

The living room showcases a beautiful Teak wood fluted panelling which is a statement. Combined with grey and tan seating arrangement. The mandir in the house is another striking statement with 7ft long pocket doors with a beautiful white lilac marble to highlight the back of the Mandir.

The flooring for the living dining area is a luxury Italian marble which accentuates the large space. A combination of American walnut, white walls and the grey marble sing a beautiful composition together. The monotony of the grey tones in the living room is broken by the addition of the raj accent chairs.

The kitchen from the second apartment has been connected to the master bedroom giving ample space for a newly created walk in wardrobe space. We converted one of the bedrooms into a huge kitchen which as the clients say now is a kitchen of their dreams. Materials like ceramic stone top and acrylic make this kitchen look bright and inviting.

The boho room in the house gives a cozy corner for each family member to sit back and relax. The design for this house is simple yet bold!  The clients requirement was to have a minimalist yet luxury apartment. The structure was 20 years old. The beams were almost 2ft deep all over the house.

The daughters bedroom is a joyful space. The sons bedroom is a bold statement which is balanced by neutral fabrics. Overall the clients describe the home as a dream come true making team Ikigai Studio happy and proud! 

This gave the house a beautiful makeover. The walls overall in the house are painted white and accessorised with bold coloured accessories and wall arts.

We have used a beautiful chequered wallpaper for the bed back in the son’s bedroom which adds life and detail here. All over the apartment we have used beautiful bold coloured art works to give an accent pop in every area.

The major task was to conceal them. What we did was instead of concealing these beams inside the false ceiling, which would’ve reduced the overall height of the house we highlighted the beams by adding ribbed panels to them.


Designed by : Ikigai Studio

Project Type : Residential Interior

Project Name : SUNWAY House

Location : Sahakarnagar, Pune

Year Built : 2023

Duration of the project : 4 months

Built-up Area : 3800 sq.ft

Principal Architects : Ar. Anuja Marudgan

Photograph Courtesy : Prasad Undale

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