An Elegantly Styled Apartment Design For A Family Of Eight | ISHAAN DESIGN

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The apartment complex, Happy Excellencia is located in one of the most burgeoning areas of Surat. The interior design of the apartment is done by Ishaan Design. The client’s brief was to create an elegantly styled apartment design for a family of eight. Optimally using the carpet space of 7500 sq.ft, the team has designed a sublime living experience. All the colours of a dusk are personified in the entirety of the interior design.

An Elegantly Styled Apartment Design For A Family Of Eight | ISHAAN DESIGN


Stepping into the apartment, one notices a soft blend of ebony black, beige and smoky white, While the palette is simple, there is finesse in the final outcome. Entering the main hall, the eye falls on a framed painting of a skilfully painted peacock, adorned with zurdogi work.

It is a commissioned piece made by Azrigar from Agea. It is complimented with a beige & gold panelled high table, Matte gold metal panels with mirror-finish gold trimmings are chosen as a wall finish. The panels take away the attention from the room doors without being obvious, such. that the volume of the space is maintained and the privacy of the rooms is not compromised.

‘The room doors are differentiated by a matte bronze finish. The ceiling has flow bars, installed as part of the air conditioning system for the hall. It has been covered with titanium coated stainless steel gold finish trimers, giving an understated, sleek look.

‘The system is used in all the major spaces of the apartment. The highlight of one of the siting areas is a j/l, in which the clever designing has been exhibited by covering the exposed metal with a beige toned leather belt; matching the design language of the other elements of the space.

“The dining area has a glossy gold & grey suede dining table set;a modern play on Art Deco style furniture, The area leads to the kitchen entrance, flanked by a three-tiered arch console, ‘The designers, being fans of Daniel Craig, draw inspiration for designing the arched console from Craig’s latest James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die’.

The console is finished with white veneers and metallic gold trims. The centre of the console has a beautifully crafted inverted bell-shaped, copper-plated basin.

‘The kitchen space is designed with minimalistic taste, as per the client’s brief. The designers suggested modular kitchen systems by Valcucine, Its Logica Celata series allows more storage space managed by pull-up doors. The storage units are fitted with backlit panels for proper usability,

‘The apartment boasts of five, well-lit bedrooms. The yellow upholstery of the round bed in the daughter’s bedroom, is bright and bold against the grey walls. Smoky white marble on two surfaces lightens the other textures and the greys of the room.

‘The other master bedroom has a utilitarian layout, with an island bed and ample storage space. ‘The floor, ceiling and furniture is finished with soft greys, in different textures. The designers’ eye to detail is apparent here with the continuous lines of the cupboard partitions merging with the grouting of the floor, exemplifying visual symmetry.

An interesting glass table with a rmercury-grey mirror finish and a black & gold metal wall art add to the charaeter of the room.

The parents’ bedroom, meanwhile, uses light grey leather upholstery against beige veneers. Mirror panels are fixed on the headboard wall to give a sense of larger space, through reflection, The difference in textures of the materials enlivens the space.

“The last bedroom is a combination of all the shades and textures used in the other rooms, the predominant colour being white.

To not manifest a dull outlook, the whites and greys are neutralised with piano-finish black console and bedside tables. The same detailing is also replicated in the headboard.

‘The son’s room has a traditionally masculine colour palette of blues and greys. The room has a floating bed concept, adding to the general airiness of the interior design.


Designed by : ISHAAN DESIGN


Project Name : Happy Excellencia

Year Built : 2022

Duration of the project : 2 YEARS

Project Size : 7500sq.ft

Principal Architects : AR. PRATHAM DESAI & AR. URJA DESAI

Photograph Courtesy : PRACHI KHASGIWALA

Products / Materials / Vendors : Wallcovering / Cladding – PVC wall covering, 3 form fused metallic decorative sheets / Lighting – Plus Lightings – Alta Vista / Sanitaryware – Gessi / Furniture – Molteni & Co, Bellissa ModuTech / Kitchen – Vlcucine.

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