• 15 Maximalist Interior Design Hacks That Boost Up Your Spaces

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    Dating back to the Victorian era or 19th century, the maximalist interior design has been one of the most vibrant styles of décor. Maximalist interior design style speaks more of the user’s personality, choices, and lifestyle than anything. Since it symbolises lifestyle, the maximalist interior design combines bold colours with the elements in the space. This style catches up with patterns and geometric shapes with layers of extravagant fabrics. As the maximalist interior design comes from the Victorian era, when accessories were abundantly available, it holds to the statement that more is more. Although materialistic, this style does not believe in keeping things unnecessarily. It adores the materials from one’s lifestyle, and hence, identifying these hacks that would represent a maximalist interior design style will boost one’s idea of space. 

    How Do You Bring Maximalist Interior Design To Your Home?

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    Maximalist interior design is one where the décor speaks of the space ecstatically. The walls are painted with bright, bold colors. The furniture has high-end designs that are not afraid of showing off their curves. This design style demands having floors covered with beautiful patterned rugs. Maximalist interior design combines all of one’s personal choice of art, paintings, furniture, colours, and statement pieces and stitches the place in a somewhat coordinated fashion.

    There are a few things that can be considered while designing a maximalist interior design for your home. To have a maximalist interior design that shows off lifestyle choices for living and comfort is of utmost necessity. The list of 15 hacks then becomes helpful while designing the maximalist home interior.

    1. Statement Bold Colours

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: Krsnaa Mehta

    A maximalist interior design does not go with the use of a normal light colour palette. It demands that one use bright, speakable colours that would stand out in the space. The highly contrasted colour palette would work best for such interiors. The bright shades of yellow and dark blue would make the space look vibrant.

    2. Combine Geometric Shapes And Patterns

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    One’s choices of furniture will greatly speak in the shapes and forms of the design. Colors also will matter in the overall look, but shapes would be foremost to form a pattern. These patterns highly matter as they combine with the vision and speak the language of the forms that the design has implemented. For example, to make a bold statement through the kitchen design one can use sharp rectangular cabinets with bright green color having square-shaped shiny handles over it.

    3. Stick Bright Wallpapers

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: Krsnaa Mehta

    Other than using bright and bold colours, one can also opt out of choosing a sleek and chic wallpaper. Nowadays, with the advance of technology, there are a variety of designs available on the market. One can always customise the backgrounds by customising their own wallpaper designs. Wallpapers can be used on the walls behind the bed, sofas, TV units, and even on the walls of the toilet. Instead of having a plain back wall in the living room, one can always choose a wallpaper with coordinating colours or floral patterns with bright colours.

    4. Hang Down Chandeliers

    Project By: SMIT SHAH Innovative Designs

    When we look into the space, it covers the walls and surroundings with a floor and roof as well. When one talks about maximising the interior of the space by increasing the décor, the hangings on the ceilings matter. These can be the decorated chandeliers that are available on the market as statement pieces. When one talks about the maximalist interior design style, it shows the wealth and prosperity of the materials and the choice of décor. Hence, using a chandelier with golden holders with round white balls that go with the blue-green furniture and the wallpaper looks elegant.

    5. Layer Seats With Ecstatic Fabrics

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    When we start finding things that speak for our choices and even give us comfort, fabrics play a huge role. The statements of the maximalist interior design style in anyone’s home speak through the material and colour of the fabrics chosen. The places in a home where one uses fabrics are the living room sofas, bed headboards, small seats, and dining chairs. These furniture pieces can be covered with velvet over a tufted design with bright colors such as green, pink, red, and any color that goes with the surroundings.

    6. Speak Through Decor

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: Pinwheel Ventures

    Taste in the interior space of one’s own home is often shown by the kinds of pieces they put in it. These pieces can have different characteristics, starting with the type and ending with their material, colour, and size. The subjective choices of the pieces in a room define the maximum part of the character of the space. Keeping wooden pots with a dark brown colour on the white shelf will highlight the room.

    7. Show Off With Your Choices

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    The most important thing while designing a maximalist interior design-style home is to reflect your choices wisely. Keeping intact what kind of colour combinations and styles will define your personality is important. One must weave all kinds of colours, fabrics, and materials into one frame according to their mindset. Keeping a wooden-framed sofa with small cushions and a few art pieces of animal skulls can define the place and provide a unique choice for the interior.

    8. Make The Space Comfortable

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: JJ Associates

    Making the space maximalist does not mean leaving comfort aside and building the decor. Maximalist interior design adds up to one’s space along with the comfort and cosy atmosphere of the user’s choices. Maximalist interior design is a well-curated chaos that embraces your personality and favourite things, incorporating them into interior design. Keeping a simple couch with an orange-bright colour, a metal-framed glass coffee table in the centre, cosy cushions added up with some greens, and wall hangings make the space maximal-looking.

    9. More is More

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: Cubix Global

    One can paint the walls with vibrant and bright colours and add wooden furniture that has a raw effect. Also, one can keep pots of different variations and sizes to fit the maximalist interior design style of your home. Deep jewel tones on walls are popular in maximalist style, like forest greens, navy blues, purple, maroons, and other colours that pop up against the background of dark colours. Antiques and other mantle pieces will add to the raw wooden colour of the room.

    10. Fill In Nature

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: Krsnaa Mehta

    Making the room more vibrant and filled with life-adding elements such as flower pots, veils of plants, and bushes of green colour can turn out to be refreshing. Using bright colours and textures filled with plants or natural stuff, such as bamboo, will add another level to the maximalist interior design. These elements can be the hangings over the walls, pots with ceramic material, and also metal pots.

    11. Pattern With Tiles

    Maximalist Interior Design
    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    As for adding patterns to the maximalist interior design style for your home, tiles are one of those elements that come in various designs. Tiles have various sizes and textures that can be added to the overall look of maximalist interior design styles. One can use these tiles on their bathroom walls with ceramic chip textures to add to the look. This gives bulkiness to the overall area with different colour shades. 

    12. Combinations with of Rugs

    Project By: Prime City Spaces

    Adding rugs to the décor can take different forms, such as patterns, colors, and  textures. The way it compiles the space can be exuberant. The effects of having something under your feet when you enter a space give a very different experience to the living. When kept under the coffee table, a red rug with stripes will glow up the space in a certain manner.

    13. Layers of Light

    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    There is the element of picking the correct lighting for the interior design. With the maximalist interior design, there would be more than one kind of light. While we can use more than one light, it will make the space thrive with the combination of different lights. The use of a lamp standing besides the sofa, along with the hanging light over the centre table, gives a striking effect.

    14. Fill Walls With Books

    Project By: Urbane ivy

    Many people have a great taste in books and are addicted to reading. This can turn out to be a great quality for the maximalist interior design style. Here, one can fill a wall with a full-height shelf that would be completely stacked up with books. These books need not be of high quality or the same genre; they can be vintage.

    Looking books randomly placed over the shelves with planters in between on the top.

    15. Make a Gallery wall

    Project By: 42MM Architecture

    Making a maximalist interior design style is playing with the mix and matches of the focal points. These focal points will be the art pieces, paintings, and mirrors of your choice on one wall with a single bright color. This effect lives long when comes into vision in the living room or bedroom. One can create a storyboard behind their bedrooms filled with either photos or paintings and murals. Many times, hanging mirrors with golden frames hanging in between would maximize the look of the space.

    Looking at all of the above features, it is clear that maximalist interior design demands that one be creatively passionate about designing spaces. Maximalist interior design makes one creative and experimental as it requires the use of different elements to complement one frame. The brightness of the colours will speak to their boldness when used over the walls. The texture of the fabrics would embark upon the furniture design’s fluidity and impose its look. Maximalist interior design style continues to push one to use all of their choices and prove it by following the more is more principle. Certain characteristics would be reflected when one does go with a maximalist interior design style.

    • Accent decors
    • Bold and vibrant colors
    • Repetitive patterns
    • Richness of the color of fabrics
    • Unique statement pieces

    Maximalism is a very unique and diverse kind of style that promotes creativity and individualism allowing homeowners to experiment and choose something that would make a bold statement and reflect their personality.

    Content Writing And Research By: Ar. Rajeshwari Pandya Modi

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