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    There are no jagged edges in the décor of this modern home; everything is very soft, very Victorian, almost, very mellow and gradual. In every site, Prachi always tries to use one element as a feature and in this residence it is textures; soft, mottled and transparent – these are used rather cleverly to create impact, illusions and a touch of the different. The soft furnishings, mottled walls and transparent effects are planned to enhance their presence in strong, deep and intense manner- whether it is the thick drapes or the lushness of the sofas. The lighting is at least of five different types; profiles, accents, ambient light systems, soft pools and task specific; a lighting ‘method’ that goes against the ‘spirit’ of the interior can ruin the best intent. One must also account for a substantial amount of natural light that comes into the bedrooms and so the openings there were allowed to show off their size.

    Dominance of Ordered Chaos with Recurrent Patterns & Statement Décor in Maximalist Modern Home | Cubix Global

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    In today’s era, it is not enough for the ‘décor’ to be complete; a certain type of ‘styling’ needs to be done to complete the look of the home. I have been a fan of styling for some time now and this helped; whether it is the artefacts or the bric-a-brac or the accessorised furniture.

    Living Room:
    Velvet couches in a sea green shade are paired with a tall floor lamp with a pinched lamp shade. It is important to note that a substantial part of the Italian marble flooring is devoid of any interference so the sofa, the light, the drapes and the flooring all needs to go together. The seating options are two-seater with one solitary chair.

    Dining Room:
    A good example of how textures play a role here- mottled walls, fluting on the dining room base and the ceiling and the strong grains on the Italian marble flooring. The chief point of interest here is the temple; not any conventional Puja room, this prayer area is a cleverly designed enclosure with top open-able. The semi-circular shape carries ahead from the entrance lobby.

    Kid’s room-
    This bedroom is Greece style white and blue with a banquette style headboard for the bed. The jagged lines of the wall and wardrobe are in sync with the horizontal lines of the exposed brick on either side. Don’t miss the mirror beside the wardrobe, with soft edges.

    Master room-
    Very mushroom, very English; huge window to let plenty of sunshine in. Deeply fluted wardrobe shutters with gold SS infill strips. The drapes are doubly thick with deep folds. Here, the mirror is ornate and commands attention.

    Parent’s room-
    Very Scandinavian, very minimalistic; straight clean lines, equal proportions of wood and greys. It is a round mirror here.

    Terrace and Sit out-
    Adobe walls and a blue slatted arch window- these make the relatively small sit out delightful whether in the morning or evening.

    Fact File

    Designed By: Cubix Global

    Typology: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: Bafna Residence

    Location: Pune, Maharashtra

    Built: 2021

    Duration: 6 Months

    Size: 2500 sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx: 32 Lac

    Principal Architect: Prachi Jain

    Design Team: Bharat varma

    Photography Credits: Hemant Patil

    Products and Materials: Wallcovering: | Lighting: Lafit | Sanitary ware: Jaquar | Flooring: Kajaria | Paint: Asian Paints | Wallpaper: D’Decor

    Firm’s Website Link: Cubix Global

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Cubix Global

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