The Twin Houses | SPASM Design Architects

SPASM Design Architects

The Twin Houses | SPASM Design Architects From the architect. The client wished to develop two homes on an acre each of land. The homes needed to be country homes for Bombay families to get away from the urban rigmarole.The project needed to balance the money put up against profitability and a sense of capturing[…]

70+ Fascinating Brick Pattern Facade That Will Amaze You

70+Fascinating Brick Pattern Facade That Will Amaze You Elevation Design are one of the major parts of look and feel of the building but, it’s rear to find creative design that makes you stop take a glance at the building which can either stand as an iconic structure on later stages, so we have listed[…]

Agraharam House | KSM Architecture

Agraharam House | KSM Architecture The Agraharam House was designed for Srikanth and Gita who were looking for a traditional South-Indian ‘agraharam’ house, well ventilated with courtyards. This was the design cue that was taken forward in Srikanth House. The Background: A traditional agraharam house is a long rectangular temple street house stacked around the four[…]

Sloping Roof House | Design Buro Architects

Sloping Roof House | Design Buro Architects Design Buro Architects- From making huts of two fold paper in childhood to buildings in the public realm, architecture has been always been all around us in one form or another. The Apex is an approach to residential architecture from basics to the modern. The triangular form with the[…]

Clay Roof Tiles House | Abin Design Studio

Clay Roof Tiles House | Abin Design Studio.It is a project for a luxury retreat with a rural, nature-inspired flavor. ‘Bonochhaya’ is an exclusive housing project themed around the heritage of Shantiniketan, which as a place, is a tribute to the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore. Built as the client Interaction zone for ‘Bonochhaya’, the experience[…]

Music Academy-recording studio Interiors – Hundredhands.

Music Academy-recording studio Interior’s- hundred hands Bangalore-based alternative rock band “Thermal and a Quarter” decides to make a “Taaqademy”-Music academy in 1700 sq.ft Studio including sound proof jam rooms, a practice area for instruction an office and a retail outlet. Banglore based architectural firm “hundred hands” was assigned to create a perfect place where music can flow[…]

Best Office Space of the Year | Sanjay Puri Architects

Best Office Space of the Year 2015 in India. Reservoir is the most recent office space project created by Sanjay Puri Architects in Rajasthan, India. This corporate office space is inspired from centuries’ old traditional architecture of the region. Reservoir Office Building won first prize at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) as the Best Office (Future) Building of the[…]

Industrial Grade – Purple Background

Industrial Grade – Purple Background The initial thoughts were to create a space which has balance and about creating a look that doesn’t come across as trying too hard. We decided to create a no-frills, industrial look with the help of exposed brick walls that are simply coated with white paint, and left the ducting[…]

K-start – hundred hands

K-start – hundred hands K-Start is an incubation hub – a space for different teams of entrepreneurs to work in an environment rich in stimuli, flexible enough to accommodate various team configurations and capable of hosting events, launches, discussions, etc. Right from the start our client was interested in commissioning site-specific art for space and[…]