Ten Stunning Brick Wall Ideas and Tricks

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In this article, you learn some new tricks and creative ideas to help you decorate brick walls.

1. Open-backed shelving

Get a bookshelf that is open-backed; this will help your book collection make good use of the brick wall. Try not to pick a bulky bookcase to avoid covering the bricks.

2. Add a splash of colour

Think about contrast; adding a splash of colour will aid in creating a dramatic and appealing look to your brick wall. You can activate this by adding colourful accessories. The accessories may be small, for example, a piece of art or huge, like colourful furniture. Adding colour brings about a stunning impact.

3. Add plants

Having several potted plants will bring the greenery to feel needed. Plants pair very nicely with brick walls. There are elegant green vines that act as beautiful decorations on brick walls, and Greenery attracts attention to the wall.

4. Use dark wood

Another perfect combination of brick walls is adding dark wood pieces to it. Wood is beautiful in nature, and it pairs completely with rustic brick walls. Try surrounding the bricks with wood accents, for example, headboards. This style is common, especially in farmhouses.

5. Paint the brick wall

To achieve an attractive and captivating look for brick walls, try painting them. If TBFC brickwork installs a brick wall for you, they can paint the wall for you. The colour you pick will completely change the feel of the room. Good thing you can choose any kind of colour depending on the colour scheme of your home. Again, with colours, you can choose either a single colour or a mix of colours.

6. Add strings of light

To get a more whimsical effect, cover the brick walls of your home using strings of light. Go for the best hanging lights because you want lights that will brighten the brick wall. If you need to decorate the brick wall in your bedroom, go for lights that have warmer colours to ensure you get a cool and cosy vibe.

7. Add frames to the wall

By carefully choosing beautiful wall frames and adding them to the brick wall creates a statement for your house. You can even create a stylish frame gallery that contains captivating photos and artwork, and they will make a good impression on the wall and add beauty to the wall.

8. Take good care of the brick wall

Most times, people get comfortable once brickwork contractors construct brick walls. Even if the wall looks beautiful and completely done at the movement, it becomes mouldy and dirty with time. That is why it is essential to take good care of it by applying a sealant, which is designed to ensure the wall remains in good shape.

9. Do some finishing on the brick wall

After the brick wall installation, there is dust left on the wall, and ensure to clean it using a sponge to ensure the wall retains its raw style. Make a solution containing water, salt, and soap and clean between the gaps. Then rinse with clean water, using a wire brush to help you do a thorough cleaning.

10. Leaning of large accents

The size of accent pieces you have leaning on the brick wall matter a lot. Choosing to lean large elements such as oversized mirrors against brick walls create an interesting visual effect.