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This 1600 sft of built area split into 4 floors was to be designed so as to create a salon.

Cuts And Curls : A Modern Salon Design | Forum Advaita

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The idea was to pick the element of glass as something that becomes more than the function. Looking Glass that is apparently the function of the space has been used poetically to express the form of t he space , hence unlike regular glass frames , we intended to increase the length of the glass on the ceiling so that one continuously feels engaged with their body and style.

This also helped us create a very organic form of the ceiling creating one large impact in the space. Variable color tones were used to reflect the function of each space. Basement was the Men’s section, Ground and First was the female section. Ornamental form and flooring in the Bridal section . Wooden partition continue to perform the similar intent.


The function within was intended to be reflected on the facade , hence the free flowing form of hair was transcrobed in the form of GI closed boxes that maintained a very organic form stretched along the height of the facade .

The vibrancy of the space was reflected by throwing a strong Aqua Blues against Black Jaali that allows transparency and cross ventilation from within


Brick cladding in the basement to bring a disconnect from outside was used . Vitrified tile flooring of neutral shades was used . Recessed COB lights for ceiling . Laminated workstations and table tops considering the high footfall of the space.


Designed by : Forum Advaita

Project Type : Commercial Building

Project Name : Cuts And Curls

Location : Himachal Pradesh

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 12 Months

Plot Area : 400 Sq.Ft.

Built up : 1600 Sq.Ft.

Project Size: sq feet : 1600 Sq.Ft.

Project Cost Appx : 50 Lac

Principal Architect : Ar. Aman Sohal

Team Design Credits : Shikshit, Niharika, Arshjot, Munir Ahmed, Rajan Ramgarhia

Photograph Courtesy : JeevanJyot

Products & Materials :

Flooring  : Somany Tiles | Lighting : Laffit | Metal fabrication : GI boxes duco painted | Wall covering | Cladding :  Brick tile cladding

Consultants for the Project :

Civil : Mr Sanjay | Lighting Designers Paul lights

Color Palette for each area :

Basic Insights of your firm and the project :

Can you describe the challenges faced by you during the project completion?

The main many challenges in the design process , one of them being the execution and ideation of the façade , we wanted to create an imagery of the function inside so decided to create the organic flow of long hair in an abstract form , hence we chose these metal boxes which were to be fixed on the outside on a metal perforated jaali so that we can maintain cross ventilation. The challenge was that we had an existing building with cantilevers unevenly placed , hence we had to align the perforated frame in such a way that the façade appears aligned.

Another challenge was the routing of all the water supply lines, as it is a very important  function of a salon , there were places where we had to core cut the slab to take the supply lines , also at some instances we had to create slab over platforms and still maintain headroom heights.

The idea was to create similar but unique color palettes for each of the four floors. Basement was the mens section , so we played with wood | greys and grey ceiling color. Ground floor was arrival and female section so we introduced olive greens and William grey finished tiles. First floor was a bridal section so we had peach color with floral finished vitrified tiles.

What is that one design element in the entire space which has your heart.

One of the elements is the FAÇADE and another is the CEILING DESIGN on the first floor

Design Style which is followed by the project

It’s a modern design with a touch of tradition, we have explored to convey a story so its not purely minimalist.

Inspiration for this project :

Yes the inspiration is “ the free floor form of the hair” which becomes the elementary concept but has been conveyed in the project in various forms like façade , ceiling design, wood installation

If the project is influenced highly by the context of the site, please share with us the insight for that.

The site demanded of a reference point so the idea was to create a context for the people , Nalagarh being a small town , lacked an artistic play of forms, hence we thought let this project give the context its due reference point

Drawings :

Principal Designer :

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