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Designs are responsible to invoke strong emotions when you witness them. Be it calm, excitement, belongingness, or a sense of nostalgia. Mallika’s “Skewed Brick House” design plays with your senses by introducing sundry design elements one after the other resulting in a balanced, most spectacular outcome a Residence can have. There is a taste of traditional as well as modern interior design, tantalizing the design buds of the viewers and dwellers of this house alike. When a design comprises not one but many striking pockets of awe, it surely imparts a sense of pride for the designer. ~Radha Hirpara

Taste of Traditional as well as Modern Interior Design in the Skewed Brick House | Hundreddesigns

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The evolution of modern interior design happened with various brain storming sessions with the client they wanted something modern and contemporary but at the same time, something that is not very far away from their roots, so we chose to give the home a rustic look by giving it an exposed brick façade and an earthy material palette for the exterior while giving the home a modern touch by using a contemporary language in the interior and boy! It did blend well.

This 10,900 sq. ft. Area home, located on a busy street in the densely populated Adajan locality, Surat. The home stands out admits the neighborhood with its skewed brick wall, the entry gate is designed with laser cut outs in it which makes for a wonderful sciagraphy and forms a pattern in the flooring as we go up and reach the entrance foyer the same pattern continues and there is an inlay of yellow Jaisalmer and steel grey granite.

The main door makes the transition between modern and quite rustic look smooth, the brass cut out gives a very elegant and welcoming touch to the entrance. The door opens up to the staircase which forms the spine of the design and acts as sculpture. The entrance passage divides the semi-private and private spaces. The living room is all thing luxury and the color play a spark in the design. The kitchen is simple and sleek in it design. And the highlighting element is the island, breakfast counter which further continue and become the dinning. The pooja is a tranquil space with a beautiful exposed brick wall forming its backdrop having a back lit brass mural.

On the first floor is the master bedroom which has a beautiful brass inlay in the Italian marble in geometric forms. The elegant brass inlay is continued in partition wall forming beautiful arches. It opens into an immediate double height sit out space which gives it connectivity to the son’s bedroom forming a great interactive space; it’s our constant endeavor to incorporate such space in our design. The guest room was created in monotones and as per the client’s requirement it was given the feel of a “hotel room”, this area feels simple yet elegant in design. The son’s bedroom at the second floor is distinguished with the raised deck. The abstract paneling which camouflage the wardrobe and the washroom. The unique “standing balcony “forms a link between the interior and exterior. The son’s bathroom is a cozy and luxurious with the use of satvariu stone gives it’s a classy touch from the natural light coming in the form of skylight.

The activity room which is an extension of son’s room, looks bright and youthful because of the yellow wall which is the feature wall in the room, the setup in the room makes for a perfect space for a gathering. The presence of skylight in all spaces makes the use of artificial lighting minimum. The flight upstairs from the second to the third floor has a mural of colorful birds in a flight upwards toward the skylight giving a feel that it’s reading out to infinity. The colorful mosaic flooring in the terrace makes it a beautiful sight and breaks the monotony, the built-in granite sitting forms an extended sitting for the balcony. The home breaks away from the trend of following a single design language throughout the home, instead showing an amazing amalgamation the rustic and contemporary design style.

The theme of the house is working on the blend of the rustic and contemporary form of design yet striking a balance. For the basic material pallet of the exterior we stuck to rustic and earthy palette material such as exposed brick, steel, grey granite and yellow Jaisalmer, while the interior had a contemporary pallet of wood, brass and the Italian marble which captures the essence of elegant and grandeur. The blend of transition of this form in design is so smooth yet each one has its own character and individuality. we choose monotones to keep the design elegant yet subtle the grey, the beige, the brown, yet each one had its own individuality. The living room has a color play in its furnishing which is a visual delight.

As per the brief given to us by the client, they wanted something modern yet contemporary along with something that keeps them closer to their roots, so the “earthy” material pallet for the exterior and little contemporary modern interior design for the interior. Elements like inlay in the flooring, use of arches etc. makes the transition smooth and thus striking a balance. It’s intriguing that the space that we enjoyed designing the most and the one which was the most challenging is actually the same. The elevation with brick pattern which adds an aesthetic value to the home and the skewed brick mass also bring in soft natural light within the home, cutting the hustle of the main road visually yet keeping a connection. Since the home was located on the main road which is usually busy throughout the day a visual break was important and thus the brick jail.

“God is in the detail” we have always stuck to this philosophy and we love to detail all elements in our design and customize most elements. We have always made efforts to bring in natural light into all our design and keeping all the spaces connected through double height spaces this design has been no different. Experimentation has been our “thing” and we have always aimed to give different feels to different space, within a home the elevation and the entrance foyer have an earthy feel while the interior is chic, elegant and contemporary while the living room has color play, the bedroom has monotone which brings an elegant restfulness in the space. The skylight various within the home bring in natural light into most spaces throughout the day and keeps them well-lit and avoid dependency on artificial lighting.

Fact File

Designed By: Hundreddesigns

Typology: Residence Architecture & Design

Project Name: The skewed brick house

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Built: 2021

Duration: 2.5 Years

Plot Area: 2800 sq.ft.

Built Up: 10900 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 2.7 Crore

Principal Architects: Mallika Dhabuwala , Abhishek Dhabuwala

Design Team: Shreya Patel, Rishva Sheth

Photography Credits: Noaidwin Sttudio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Hundreddesigns

Firm’s Facebook Link: Hundreddesigns

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