Workspace Design that Blends Industrial-Pop with Sophistication Of Neutrals | Atelier Earth

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The new headquarters of Direct by ShopKirana was intended to span out in 14500 sq.ft area workspace design on the fifteenth floor of Skye Earth Corporate Park. It was a big leap from their previous office and the client wished for an uplifting workspace with utmost transparency between individuals to break the monotonous corporate office norms. We were expected to deliver a functional working space with its each corner exclaiming startup! And so we did. We blended industrial style with hues of pop culture to give this office space new dimensions.

Workspace Design that Blends Industrial-Pop with Sophistication Of Neutrals | Atelier Earth

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Meeting areas and phone booths positioned alongside this area create a visually clear boundary between the I.T.-Accounts department and open workstations. These enclosed spaces provide a soothing escape to work in peace.

Four lifts open their door to the waiting lounge of Direct by ShopKirana HQ. Upon entering, visitors are treated with skyline of Indore city, through the large floor-to-height windows. To the left one can visit the reception counter for enquiry, merchandise shopping and a hot cup of coffee as well.

A pastel painted brand display area stands near the recreational area. With natural light reflecting on its surfaces, this space showcase brands owned by the firm in a minimal & sophisticated manner.

Here, we can find bench seating soaked in sun with dining tables aligned at the window. This is done to instill an outdoor working experience among the workforce. The central sofa seating resembles a living area setup, to make the employees feel at home. This space has no definite function, and allows a person to eat, work, play, drink and rejuvenate while being in the same spot.

The work-culture philosophy of the client have been executed in many levels, one of which is the recreational area. A circular neon light acts as the central attraction of this space, with informal sofa seating below. This space has natural sunlight penetrating inside through large picturesque windows. To a corner rests the cafeteria counter, shelving cutleries and adding a color pop to the space as well. Various seating styles are planned in this breakout space, suiting the needs of the employees.

Differing from the intended industrial-pop interiors, the conference room freely stands with a neutral palette. A long conference table with complimentary hanging light runs at the center of the room, with couch seating put up against the window. It is astonishing to witness a subtle environment amidst the busy working hours.

The heart of the office is inhabited by open workstations, which is guarded by a circulation passage leading to each corner of the office. This area is well-equipped to work and share ideas. From huge vibrant round sofas to industrial open shelving, from an engaging collaborating area to informal seating, this space has it all.

Being situated at the top most floor of this high-rise, a connection to its exteriors is established with the inclusion of green plants in the interiors. The mesmerizing city view is made to be enjoyed by every one by well-thought planning and execution. The real challenge while designing this huge office was to string all the spaces together to appeal as one, and make the walkthrough of this workspace worth the while.

A generous area is reserved to seat the three founders of Direct by ShopKirana at the very end of the office. An angularly positioned clear glass enables the whole workspace to be seen from the Founders’ Den. The entire space is flooded with natural sunlight with a work desk concentrated at the center and shelves reaching up the wall.

Fact File

Design by: Atelier Earth

Project Size: 14500 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Gourish Jaiswal and Shubha Suryavanshi

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Photography Courtesy: Prachi Khasgiwala

Firm’s Website Link: Atelier Earth

Firm’s Instagram Link: Atelier Earth

Firm’s Facebook Link: Atelier Earth

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