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    The character of every space is due to the function they carry out and the time spent in experiencing it. Offices or workplace environments are by function secondary homes to manifesting ideas. Bringing people from various walks together, in order to create, improvise and develop is elemental to its persona. To design a space with these innate properties is to paint with more than just materials, where the brush strokes impart purpose, connectivity, responsibility and comfort. Ella Foods is one such remarkable project that we had the pleasure to bring life to. Nestled in the Innova Food Park of Malur, Kolar district, this cozy space follows an ethos of earthy modest tones owing to its surroundings and architectural signature.

    Workplace Environments Are By Function Secondary Homes To Manifesting Ideas
    | Studio Skapa Architects & Atelier108

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    The studio is a living paradox of subtlety and zeal. It weaves the muted greys and the dark woods to form a tapestry, timeless in its modern allure. The penchant to detail oriented precision with an illuminating bigger picture is a principle embedded in its execution. The matt grey finishes give texture to the smooth walnut workmanship.

    The design narrative in an interior design project always comes with a status in quo. The existing psyche needs to be altered, incorporated and ultimately embraced. Entrances are statements that attest to their assets. Owing to its simplistic style, a sleek grey duco finished door with elemental verticality of spindles and handles was crafted. The lounge is anchored by an iconic grey and wood desk, custom made with a quaint exhibit of their products as a much-appreciated backdrop. Spc flooring in tones of walnut for the cabins and conference rooms revelled with the raw neoteric kota stone for the existing common areas.

    The seamless envisage of tan leather seaters atop raw grey flooring with warm walnut wooden facets ties the space to hum a tune of quiet professionalism of honesty and luxury.

    The MD’s cabin follows much of the same woven tapestry of tan, grey and walnut. Bespoke artwork represents the ethos of the studio with its informative antique spice prints of chillies, pepper etc.

    Guest bedrooms on the upper floors are a contemporary supplement to the minimalistic, clean-cut atelier of Ella Foods. With furniture from Featherlite, Ovion and Herman miller the space is alive with imminent activity and bustle.

    These vivacious fundamentals in an intimate colour palette string a tapestry that took a profound journey to walk through.


    Designed by : Studio Skapa Architects & Atelier108

    Project Name : ELLA FOODS

    Location : Innova Food Park, Malur, Kolar district 

    Typology : Interior design for an Office and Guest House

    Square Footage : 3,300 Sq.Ft

    Completion Month and Year : June 2022

    Principal Architect :  Charita Kishore Rupa & Anusha Arun

    Design Team : Ar. Raksha

    Text Credit : Namitha Praveen

    Photography Credit : Nayan Soni  

    Furniture : Featherlite, Ovion & Herman Miller

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