Use of Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes form a Coherent Experience | Karya Design Studio

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The project which I am sharing is 1000sq/ft 3 BHK apartment located in Bharuch, Gujarat. In this apartment we tried to create luxury with simplicity & also tried to maintain quality of class throughout the apartment. Certain specs of vibrancy are incorporated to add glimmer to the area using orange & grey’s. Overall we tried to blend shades to give it high end & luxurious look. Use of clean lines and geometric shapes in furniture has been used to add aesthetic appeal.

Use of Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes Form a Coherent Experience | Karya Design Studio

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This home looks like a drop of sunshine wrapped in soothing pastels. Belonging to Mr Xitij Shah and Mrs. Krupa Shah, their brief was to make their home look cozy, stylish and contemporary look with minimal wooden décor and lots of colors. The approach was to create a design that was timeless, functional and versatile with the use of pastel shades that would give a warm look and feel to the home. A very conscious decision was taken on the material palette for the housekeeping a few elements constant to form a coherence experience of the house. Every person in the house was different and hence all spaces had to narrate different stories in the same coherent whole. The design involved intricate detailing and exploration, which were exclusively selected to make this residence evolve into a crafted space as per the client’s satisfaction. The colors used in this home are predominantly clean with ample whites, greys, and accented by the limited doses of wood and milder shades of orange, olive green and peach.


The Living room accents the beautiful artwork that is spread across the room, to the walls and in the gorgeous Italian marble on Tv unit. The pattern reflects the contemporary design language of the room. The alluring tones in the expanse, coupled with the tastefully curated pieces of furniture create a space that is welcoming, yet provides an exclusive tone of glamour.

Also, one of the sides is enhanced with a contrasting orange velvety sofa making a bold statement in the living. One can also find a very interesting wall hanging of circles Painting made from different materials, making it the most eye conic element in the room. The tabletops are even in Round shapes to following this approach. The superior Brass Flower on TV unit offers an intensified and appealing base to the overall setup.

The Dining room  has an intimate, yet luxurious setting with a table for four in a cozy look, complete with statement upholstered chairs and a beautiful stone table. while the exquisite suspended light from the ceiling serve the perfect radiance in case one wishes for privacy. MDF Partition provide transparency along with fluted glass and crafted MDF pieces are used to create a beautiful partition with the visual connection of spaces. The texture of  the colors matches beautifully with the light colored Indian flooring and subtle dark shade of the laminate. One can’t overlook the rear wall created using mdf and glass combined with the automotive paint.

The kitchen has a continuation of the ivory detail on the shutters blended with the soft white patterned over head cabinets. The backsplash was carefully curated in a herringbone tile pattern in different colors, grayn, blue,white borrowed from the rest of the home, to give a lively and colorful vibe.

The Parents Bedroom serving the purpose by fulfilling their basic requirements of having double bed , temple, a wardrobe with dressing! Room was small yet placing the furniture properly made it look spacious with the mosaic stone on wall. Shade of olive Green and dark wood combination provide fresh interior look of parents Room.

The Master Bedroom easy to maintain and decent elative abode is something that goes with the owner’s conduct and way of living.  The apartment accommodates a spacious master bedroom with a segregated dressing area. The signature style here is the close grooving on the MDF sheets for the vertical surfaces and furnishings. It is acquainted with minimal furnishing, earthy tones, and self-texturing throughout.

Grey wall in texture as a backdrop to white ceiling are aptly designed to give a soothing aesthetic and serene environment. To reflect the essence of flora a color splashed pillows are used and to reflect the fauna beautiful wall painting of birds in nature are arranged in a way you feel you are in the open infinity sky.

The Kids Room Our young client wanted to create a space where he would feel a sense of his own and that went along the lines of “bright”, “bold” and “colorful”.  With Peach being his favorite color, we played around it with Peach and white to offset it and made a cozy and fun den for him. A back-painted Glass with aluminum profile in the middle of his cupboard is perfect combination of Dressing Area

The delicate lights, along with the trendy side tables add just the right touch of refinement, practicality and a hint of color to the room and artwork also enhance the glory of room.

Fact File

Designed By: Karya Design Studio

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Dhiya

Location: Bharuch, Gujarat

Size: 1000 sq.ft.

Built: 2021

Duration: 6 Months

Project Cost Appx: 18 Lac

Principal Architect: Dhruv Mehta

Design Team: Shivani Modi, Charmi Patel, Jay Patel

Photography Credits: The Artsee Lens

Firm’s Facebook Link: Karya Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Karya Design Studio

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