Upscale Luxury with Muted Scandinavian Aesthetics for this home in Ahmedabad | Adhwa Architecture Interiors

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The 4BHK luxury apartment is located on the second floor of an upmarket township called Adani Shantigram, in West Ahmedabad. The apartment occupies 3700 sq.ft and originally had 2 living rooms, attached servant quarters, and 2 long balconies. The dining and living areas overlook the beautiful gardens and lake of the township.

Upscale Luxury with Muted Scandinavian Aesthetics for this home in Ahmedabad | Adhwa Architecture Interiors

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Moving further into the house, the vestibule contains a series of wall plates from all over the world. This display is co-curated with the client, showcasing their love for travel and souvenirs from all over the world.

Next, before moving into the common dining area and living room, towards the right, lies the home office or study. This space originally was a family room, converted into a study space at the client’s behest. The study is a beautiful haven of wood, glass, and stone. The door and partition of the room consist of a custom-designed wooden grid, with clear glass, to allow for easy visibility.

Outside this room, the dining room and family living room are bathed in natural light from the long windows. This area becomes the soul of the house and is designed to host gatherings as well as family time. The design ideas here rely on an Indian modern outlook, keeping a fine balance between brightly traditional and muted contemporary.

We created a healthy balance of wood, brass, and other finishes, within a bright, white setting, where other delicate elements and lighting fixtures can be visible.

From the living area, the master bedroom opens into a large space with comfy seating space and bed area. The four-poster bed with draperies is custom-designed, in keeping with the rustic, Tuscan feel of the room. A wash of textured Limocoat-based plaster in blushing peach on the walls adds to a sense of quiet luxury. A moon blue minoti-inspired bench at the foot of the bed brings color into the setting.

Near the master bedroom, the daughter’s bedroom is designed as a multi-level play zone, for the child to play and sleep within.

In this project, we aimed to create a suitable balance of Indian traditional values with contemporary comforts. Therefore, we did not follow any large-scale trends but created finishes and elements which stayed true to our vision. In terms of surface finishes, we experimented with grit-based textures in the master bedroom to have a rustic, tactile quality, In the living area, we designed a console with brass lining and polished wood, which complements the jali screens on the wall beautifully. Also, a feature wall in deep indigo blue in the living room is quite on-trend with current interiors!

The house is spacious and bathed in natural light all through the day, hence, our conscious effort was to keep the design alive and fresh, with an inherent lightness.

We converted the informal living area into a home office/study space. The master bedroom was also expanded into the adjoining bedroom to create a master suite with a large enough seating/lounge space. In the home office/study, wood was given a deeper, more mature quality, and a gentle touch of yellow Jaisalmer stone on the wall creates the perfect shade of warmth.

Fact File

Designed by: Adhwa Architecture Interiors

Project Size: 3700 Sq.ft

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Year Built: 2021

Principal Designer: Ankita Jain & Dhwanil Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Ishita Sitwala

Firm’s Instagram Link: Adhwa Architecture Interiors

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