Kitchen Cleaning Hacks: A Quick Checklist For Homeowners

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Undoubtedly, your kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in your house. Dealing with the everyday spills and dirty dishes can be extremely daunting after a certain point in time. Would you like to cook your favorite dinner in a mess? Of course not! Whether it’s a coffee-stained counter or sauce-splattered stovetop, maintaining the glossy nature can be challenging to some extent. 

However, you can now ease your kitchen cleaning process by taking a quick look at some of the hacks mentioned below in this article. These wholesome ideas will definitely bless you with a sparkling kitchen, and that’s a promise. 

  • Keep Your Cabinets Clean

A messy cabinet overloaded with cooking utensils will not be much helpful; it might act as a potential barrier while preparing your favorite meal. However, you don’t need to stress yourself much! A small-sized dishwasher tab can actually evolve as your real savior here. All you need to do is dissolve one of these tabs in a hot water bucket and pick a microfibre cloth in order to remove the dirt. This effortless kitchen cleaning hack will cut through the grease without leaving a film. Even your dark cabinets will look like brand new ones!

  • Bring the Shine Back in Your Oven Rack

Do you know that the powder detergent which you use for laundry can be applied in several other areas as well? You can now get access to shining oven racks without scratching and scrubbing them. Here, you must soak your oven rack in a bathtub filled with powder washing detergent. You must wait for at least 4 hours; after that, you can consider rinsing them with clean water. 

  • Get Access to a New Looking Stovetop

Baking soda is the one and only answer here; no second thoughts! If you feel that your kitchen stovetop needs grooming, you can pour some baking soda on the stove’s surface. After that, sprinkle some drops of water and wait for at least an hour or so. End the process by wiping the mess with a piece of cloth. These fantastic yet easy cleaning hacks will leave you and your guests in complete awe! 

  • Clean Your Wooden Chopping Board with Salt and Lemon

Do you feel that your wooden chopping board has become slightly smelly and stained? If yes, there is an excellent way to preserve its original form. Pick a lemon, and that’s it! You need to cut it into halves and run one of the cut faces on the board’s surface. If you don’t feel delighted with the outcome, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. 

You can use some bicarbonate of soda or salt particles along with lemon this time. These basic cleaning steps will keep your chopping board in good condition for quite an extended period. 

  • Preserve the Shine of Your Countertops

Countertops are a significant investment, and you must take proper measures to keep them neat and clean. Experts recommend using dish soap, a damp cloth, and water to clean the surface. However, using bleach on quartz and marble might lead to potential damage by dulling the top-notch shine of your countertops. 

If you observe tough stains on these beauties, using a wet cloth along with diluted isopropyl alcohol will undoubtedly do the needful. 

Keeping these areas clean will allow you to make spaces for your essential oils, such as lavender and pink pepper. Besides boosting the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, you will be able to enjoy the pink pepper essential oil benefits or pink pepper diffuser blends anytime you feel like it. 

  • Achieve Polished Woodwork in Your Kitchen

If you are up for using natural solutions instead of commercial cleaners, a wholesome mixture of vinegar and lemon oil will bless your kitchen with a shine and lovely scent. Simply pick up a spray bottle and fill it with these cleaning agents. Afterward, you can apply the solution on a microfibre cloth and clean your pantry door, baseboards, etc. 

  • Use a Toothbrush to Clean the Disposal Guard

Sometimes, the remaining food particles tend to get stuck in the disposal guard. In order to keep it clean, you can soak a toothbrush in an anti-grease solution and scrub off the food waste with great ease. 

  • Get Rid of Window Blinds

Did you notice window blinds near or in your kitchen? If yes, you need to take immediate action to combat the situation. Look for an old and unused sock and put some amount of water and vinegar on it. You can easily remove the window blinds and bid a final goodbye to the dust and dirt. 

  • Use Flour to Polish a Stainless Steel

If your kitchen is well-equipped with a stainless steel sink, you can consider polishing it with flour. First, you need to wash and dry the area, and then you can choose to spread the flour. To be honest, the final outcome will leave you in awe!

Parting Thoughts

Hopefully, now you are aware of the excellent kitchen cleaning hacks. By applying and implementing these methods frequently, you will be able to maintain cleanliness to a whole new level. A clean and sober kitchen will make you feel good, and these unique ideas will be an excellent boon for life. 


  1. What should you use to clean your kitchen oven?

If your kitchen oven has become dirty and greasy, you can use a homemade solution consisting of water, baking soda, and vinegar. 

  1. How should you clean those dirty kitchen towels?

The fantastic combination of baking soda and white vinegar can create wonders. Since they get nasty quite often, keeping them neat and clean is your job!

  1. How should you get rid of water stains?

Hard water gives a dull look to the shiny items in your kitchen. But, you can regain the glossy nature by rubbing them with vinegar. This excellent technique will restore the shine seamlessly. 

  1. What should your kitchen cleaning toolkit include?

Your kitchen cleaning toolkit can use the following elements- baking soda, dish soap, rubber gloves, paper towels, white vinegar, old toothbrush microfibre cloth, etc. 

  1. How can you clean a garbage disposal?

You can now clean the garbage disposal using citrus fruits. Using lime or lemon will certainly deodorize it.