Upgrading and Decorating Your Living Room for the Fall

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Now is the perfect time to give your living room a fresh update for the fall!

As the days grow colder, you and your family will find yourselves spending more time indoors. Your living room is the perfect place to relax, watch television, read books, and play games. But if there haven’t been any updates to your space lately, sometimes your living room can feel drab and boring.

Here are six tips on how to transform your living room into the perfect space to relax on chilly fall nights.

Switch out your decorative pieces


The quickest way to freshen up your space is to get rid of any decorative pieces that remind you of other seasons. Replace them with pieces that remind you of fall. Some favorite fall accent pieces include ceramic pumpkins, fall foliage, and fall-inspired scented candles. To create a cozy fall atmosphere, consider using accent pieces that come in warm shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. Changing decorative items is an inexpensive way to switch up your space. At the end of the season, pack the items in containers and save them for next fall!

Find a new rug

If you want to instantly add some warmth to your living room, consider purchasing an area rug. Area rugs help absorb sounds, unify your color scheme, and make rooms cozier. Even if you already have an area rug, switching it to a different color can help freshen up your space. You will want to pick a color that compliments your furniture. Rugs are also a great way to add a layer of texture. For a fall look, consider adding a braided rug, wool rug, or hair-on-hide rug. All of these materials look great and add an extra layer of comfort to your floor.

Add cozy blankets and throw pillows

With the days getting chillier, it can be extremely relaxing to cuddle up with a throw pillow or snuggle under a blanket. Blankets and throw pillows are both comfortable and decorative. Consider throwing a chunky knit blanket or faux fur blanket over the back of your couch. Look for blankets and pillows that come in warm fall colors or in a neutral color. Sometimes pairing a more neutral color pillow with a brighter orange or red pillow is a fun way to add a pop of color to your living room.

Do a deep-clean

Freshening up your living room isn’t just about the decor. You should be doing a deep-clean of your main living spaces several times per year. Get rid of excess clutter, dust the ceiling fan, steam clean the carpet, and more. Make a list of everything that needs to be done to make your living room spotless. Since you’re going to be spending lots of time snuggling on the couch, consider doing a deep upholstery cleaning to get rid of any dirt or allergens embedded within the fibers of your sofa or armchair.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Fall and winter are the best seasons for interior painting because the cool and crisp weather will allow the paint to dry faster. All you need to do is crack the window for ventilation. If you want to paint your walls a color that will look great all year long, consider a neutral color. If you want a cozy room for fall, consider painting your walls a deep brown. You could also consider creating an accent wall with a rich rustic color or with a bright splash of orange or red. Accent walls are a great way to add a pop of color to a room.

Switch up your layout

If you’re completely bored with your living room and don’t have the funds for new furniture, switch the layout of your room. Moving your sofa to a new wall will give you a whole new perspective of the room. You can also consider changing some of the furniture in the room. For example, replace your end tables with the end tables from another room. Sometimes the shape of the room may limit your options. The best way to begin rearranging is where you want the focal point of the room to be (usually a television or a fireplace) and basing the design around the focal point.

Concluding thoughts

Get your living room ready for fall by switching up your decor and completing a deep clean! With a few simple changes, your living room can be transformed into a cozy paradise that is aesthetically warm and comforting.

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